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37802Ref - 24510A possible 'clerestory' at Stokesay Castle. / Vernacular Architecture Group News, August : 732017
3780324517edited by Robert LathamThe illustrated Pepys : extracts from the diary1978E/51Latham
3780424518Donald SmithOld furniture and woodwork : an introductory historical survey1949E/33.28Smith,
3780524519The National TrustPetworth : the servants' quarters1997E/72.0Nation
3780624520Marcus BinneyOur vanishing heritage1984B/09Binney
3780924522Annabelle HughesShops and shopping: the first four hundred years in Horsham1989E/22.3Hughes
37812Ref - 24523Harvesting and drying grain crops in English farming. / Rural History Today, 332017
37815Ref - 24263How many trees to make a house? / DBRG News, January2017
37816Ref - 24263A short refresher on scarfs / DBRG News, January2017
37819Ref - 24524Martin HigginsOld Well Cottage, Peaslake / DBRG News, June2017B/22
37820Ref - 24524Caroline FrisbyBuildings in their landscape : report on talk by Brigid Fice / DBRG News, June2017B/01.0
3782224526Charles L EastlakeHints on household taste:the classic handbook of Victorian interior decoration1986B/07.8Eastla
3782424527edited by Arthur Percival NewtonTravel and travellers of the Middle Ages1968E/35.0Newton
3782524528John VinceDiscovering carts and wagons1970E/33.25Vince,
3782624529J Kenneth MajorWatermills and windmills1986B/24.1Major,
3782824530Jacqueline FearnDomestic bygones2004E/72.0Fearn,
3782924531K J BartonMedieval Sussex pottery1979E/33.7Barton
3783024532Ronald F MichaelisBritish pewter1969E/33.36Michae
3783124533Charles HullPewter1992E/33.36Hull,
3783224534Kenneth UllyettPewter collecting for amateurs1967E/33.36Ullyet
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