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37233Ref - 24231Vernacular Architecture GroupSeeing the wood and the trees : the management of timber from source to building site / Vernacular Architecture Group News, February : 722017B/04.2
37234Ref - 24231D Gordon TaylorCurvilinear gables on vernacular properties from the late sixteenths to the mid eighteenth centuries in eastern England / Vernacular Architecture Group News, February : 722017B/01.4
37235Ref - 24231Mike JoyCruck framing / Vernacular Architecture Group News, February : 722017B/05.2
37237Ref - 24232E J T CollinsAt the cutting edge : edge tool production in southern and south-west England, 1740 to 1960 / Agricultural History Review, 64 : Part II2016E/37.2
37238Ref - 1023Jean DavisThe end of the family pig / Countryman, 81 : 1 : Spring1976E/72
37241Ref - 24233Mark PageVillage shops in medieval Hampshire : the case of East Meon / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 67 : Spring2017B/25.1
37243Ref - 24234Chris PickvanceA dendrochonological study of medieval chests in east Kent / Regional Furniture Society Newsletter, Spring : 662017E/33.28
3724424235Frank WhitfordBauhaus1984B/01.0Whitfo
372468199English HeritageNew work in historic churches?B/26Englis
37247Ref - 2197Ivor Bulmer-ThomasRedundant churches / Ancient Monuments Society Transactions, 171970B/26
3724912045R G MartinDrover Singleton ice house1994B/08.8Martin
372508615E H D Williams and R G GilsonDating of the smaller Somerset houses from external appearance / The Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1201976B/03.2Willia
37252Ref - 1250David BuckmanAvoncroft 1976/7M/01
37254Ref - 1251Tony AldousHousing Associations 1977E/16.7
372557750Traditional HomesFrom cottages to cathedrals : a client's guide to architects in conservation?B/09Tradit
3725620436Jane GrenvilleA psychological approach to urban change / Context, 100 : July2007B/09Grenvi
37257Ref - 18983Jane GrenvilleA psychological approach to urban change / Context, 100 : July2007B/09
37259Ref - 21026J R ArmstrongThe open air museum : idea and reality / Ancient Monuments Society Transactions, 201975M/0
37261Ref - 24236Jez SmithMusic in the past - drama in a quiet world / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2017E/79
37262Ref - 24236Joe ThompsonRepairing May Day Farm in the Gridshell / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2017B/09
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