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3703824202R BarryThe construction of buildings Volume 1 : foundations, walls floors and roofs1969B/05.0Barry,
3703924203R BarryThe construction of buildings Volume 2 : masonry, windows, sills, doors, partitions, fireplaces and flues, stairs, internal finishes and external rend\\ 1970B/05.0Barry,
3704024204R BarryThe construction of buildings Volume 3 : single storey frames, shells and lightweight coverings1972B/05.0Barry,
3704124205R BarryThe construction of buildings Volume 4 : foundations, steel frames, concrete frames, floors, claddings1971B/05.0Barry,
3704224206R BarryThe construction of buildings Volume 5 : supply and discharge services1978B/05.0Barry,
3704324207John EarlBuilding conservation philosophy2003B/09Earl,
3704424208F W B Charles with Mary CharlesConservation of timber buildings1984B/10.2Charle
3704524209H E Desch - revised by J M DinwoodieTimber : structure, properties, conversion and use1996B/04.2Desch,
3704624210John Ashurst et alPractical building conservation : English Heritage technical handbook Volume 5 : wood, glass and resins and technical bibliography1988B/10.9Ashurs
3704724211edited by Alison HenryStone conservation : principles and practice2006B/04.4Henry,
3704824212David WattSurveying historic buildings2011B/03.0Watt,
3705324213J K McKayBuilding construction. Volume Four1961B/05.7McKay
3705424214Richard Catt and Sarah CattThe conversion, improvement and extension of buildings1981B/09Catt,
3705524215Walter H GodfreyThe story of architecture in England. Part I : from Roman times to the Reformation; Part II : from Tudor times to the end of the Georgian period1931B/01.0Godfre
3705624216David S WattBuilding pathology : principles and practice1999B/05.70Watt,
3705724217Herbert L EdlinWhat wood is that? A manual of wood identification1969E/33.0Edlin,
37059Ref - 106Edward Heron-Allen and Harriet K JamesThe Sussex "Martlets" / Sussex County Magazine, XI : 3 & 71937E/58.4
37060Ref - 106'an old friend'Francis Garnet, Viscountess Wolseley : an appreciation / Sussex County Magazine, XI : 21937E/51
37061Ref - 106Ernest StrakerTurnpike trusts in East Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, XI : 71937E/35.1
37062Ref - 9860Kim C LeslieHighwaymen of North Heath / West Sussex History, May : 281984E/24
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