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3662324075David CrossleyThe Bewl Valley Ironworks c.1300-17001975E/36.1Crossl
3662424076compiled by Derek H ChapmanA farm dictionary1953E/17.30Chapma
366269016J T GrahamScales and balances : a guide to collecting1981E/37Graham
366289054R A SalamanDictionary of tools used in the woodworking and allied trades, c.1700-19701975E/33.22Salama
36629Ref - 24062Naomi ScottGates & railings / Listed Heritage, May/June : 1062016B/08.3
36630Ref - 24062Peter BellColour and historic buildings / Listed Heritage, May/June : 1062016B/07.4
36631Ref - 24062Oliver ChapmanThatch and thatching / Listed Heritage, May/June : 1062016B/04.72
36632Ref - 24062Andrew Fisher TomlinMinding our boundaries / Listed Heritage, May/June : 1062016B/08.3
36633Ref - 24062Listed HeritageA brief history of windows : Part 3 : 17th century windows / Listed Heritage, May/June : 1062016B/06.3
3663624079edited by Donald Preziosi and Claire FaragoGrasping the World : the idea of the museum2004M/01Prezio
3663724080edited by Colin Renfrew and Ezra B W ZubrowThe ancient mind : elements of cognitive archaeology1994E/61.0Renfre
3663824081edited by Simon J Knell, Suzanne MacLeod and Sheila WatsonMuseum revolutions : how museums change and are changed2007M/01Knell,
3663924082edited by Suzanne MacLeodReshaping museum space : architecture, design, exhibitions2005M/01MacLeo
36640988Wilmington PCCWilmington, SussexB/26Wilmin
36642Ref - 24083Mike O'ReillyThe plasterer's craft / Building Limes Forum News, 18 : 3 August2016B/04.6
36645Ref - 24084Paul BennettChannel tunnel : 1987-1992 / Canterbury's Archaeology, 1976-20162016E/61.0
36646Ref - 24084Rupert Austin and Paul Bennett40 years : building recording / Canterbury's Archaeology, 1976-20162016B/03
36647Ref - 13785Raphael SalamanDish versus disc / TATHS Newsletter, : 101985E/33.23
36648Ref - 13787David Kendall-CarpenterCollectors cornered : David Kendall-Carpenter / TATHS Newsletter, 121986E/33
3665012115Borough Surveyor, Engineer and Planning OfficerStanmer conservation areaE/16.6Stanme
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