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36553Ref - 24044Jonathan TaylorThe taste for terracotta / Context, March : 1432016B/05.3
36554Ref - 24044Kimberley ReczekRestoring the Nelson pediment's Coade stone / Context, March : 1432016B/09
36555Ref - 24044John FidlerConserving terracotta / Context, March : 1432016B/04.3
36556Ref - 24044Alison HenryThatching appeals : recent experiences / Context, March : 1432016B/01.6
36557Ref - 24042John RuddyScaffolding historic structures / Context, May : 1442015B/09
36558Ref - 24049Paul LiveseyBuilding limes in the United Kingdom / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36559Ref - 24049Greg HastingsBulk density of lime and its implications for the working characteristics of a hardened mortar / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36560Ref - 24049Simon FrawleyThe use of lime at St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel and St Pancras Chambers Apartments : a case study / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36561Ref - 24049Isobel Griffin, Andrew Hamilton, James TateThe repair of historic cement renders, with reference to the buildings at a Second World War airfield in East Lothian, Scotland / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36562Ref - 24049Tim MeekHow to harl a building with lime / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36563Ref - 24049Building Limes Forum JournalScience, song, and sorrow : the lime cycle and beyond / Building Limes Forum Journal, 192012B/04.6
36564Ref - 23566Robin DowerConsolidation and repair of a heather-thatched barn / Architectural Conservation Journal, 21 : 12015B/09
3656523874Brian GoodingFlour power / Old Glory Vintage Restoration Today, 361993B/24.3Isle o
36566Ref - 24051Craig JonesEnvironmental impacts : to restore or to replace? / Building Conservation Directory2015B/09
36567Ref - 24051Liz HumbleConservation and heritage statements / Building Conservation Directory2015B/01.6
36568Ref - 24051Jeff StottStiffness in timber floors and ceilings / Building Conservation Directory2015B/06
36569Ref - 24051David Farrell and Chris WoodConcrete repairs : traditional meethods and like-for-like materials / Building Conservation Directory2015B/04.6
36570Ref - 24051Moses JenkinsRepairing Scottish slate roofs / Building Conservation Directory2015B/05.62
36571Ref - 24051Geoff MaybankTraditional brickwork / Building Conservation Directory2015B/05.3
36572Ref - 24051Tony BartonEarly and vernacular timber doors / Building Conservation Directory2015B/06.3
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