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36053Ref - 3374Gareth Haulfryn WilliamsProbate records: a source for folk life studies / Folk Life, 201981-82E/24
36054Ref - 3374Peter C D BrearsThe knitting sheath / Folk Life, 201981-82E/33.51
36055Ref - 3374William LinnardSweat and sawdust : pit-sawing in Wales / Folk Life, 201981-82E/33.10
36056Ref - 3374Melvin FirestoneThe traditional Start Bay crab fishery / Folk Life, 201982E/17.5
36059Ref - 3374Dafydd RobertsSheep ear and body identification marks in Wales / Folk Life, 201981-82E/17.33
36060Ref - 6485Traditional Home RepairsWalls and foundations : beating the bulges / Traditional Home Repairs1986B/10
36061Ref - 3262Gereth M SpriggsMaidens' garlands / Folk Life, 211983-83E/71.1
36062Ref - 3262Peter C D BrearsConstruction of a maiden`s garland / Folk Life, 211983-83E/71.1
36063Ref - 3262Larch C GarrardSamplers and related embroideeries in the Isle of Man / Folk Life, 211983-83E/33.5
36064Ref - 3262Richard J ColyerCrop husbandry in Wales before the onset of mechanization / Folk Life, 211983-83E/17.37
36065Ref - 3262Bruce WalkerThe bucket mill, Finzean, Aberdeenshire / Folk Life, 211983-83E/33
36066Ref - 3262J Geoffrey DentMechanics and effects of parliamenatry enclosures of common grazings : an example from West Yorkshire / Folk Life, 211983-83E/24
36067Ref - 3262Rebecca O'LearyWheel bellows / Folk Life, 211983-83E/72.0
36069Ref - 15876Ervin BeckThe meat that never spoils : occupational identity and legend decline / Folk Life, 221983-1984E/71.6
36070Ref - 15876Caoimhin O DanachairSummer pasture in Ireland / Folk Life, 221983-1984E/17.37
36071Ref - 15876Niall O DubhthaighSummer pasture in Donegal / Folk Life, 221983-1984E/17.37
36072Ref - 6485Traditional Home RepairsChimneys and fireplaces : lining & leaning / Traditional Home Repairs1986B/06.2
36073Ref - 6485Traditional Home RepairsRoofs : tiles and trusses / Traditional Home Repairs1986B/09
36074Ref - 15876Simon J BronnerThe processual principle in folk art : based on a study of wooden chain carving / Folk Life, 221983-1984E/33.29
36075Ref - 15876R Ross NobleTurf-walled houses of the Central Highlands : an experiment in reconstruction / Folk Life, 221983-1984B/20
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