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36031Ref - 15394Selina ToddYoung women, work and family in inter-war rural England / The Agricultural History Review, 52 : Part I2004E/17.0
36032Ref - 17717John HareThe Bishop and the Prior : demesne agriculture in medieval Hampshire / The Agricultural History Review, 54 : Part II2006E/17.1
36033Ref - 17717Richard Moore-ColyerChildren's labour in the countryside during World War II : a further note / The Agricultural History Review, 54 Part II2006E/17.1
36034Ref - 19453Adrian GibsonSomer timber framed buildings in east Herts and their dating / Hertfordshire past and present Number 111971B/05.2
36035Ref - 18580John Beckett and Michael TurnerEnd of the old order? F M L Thompson, the land question and the burden of ownership in England c1880-c1925 / The Agricultural History Review, 55 : Part II2007E/19
3603623952Susan C DjabriHorsham through time2009E/15Sussex
36037Ref - 18580Michael ThompsonThe land market, 1880 - 1925: a reapraisal reapraised / The Agricultural History Review, 55 : Part II2007E/16.0
360382694The Funen VillageFarm and Country Buildings Museum : The Funen Village : guideM/08Denmar
3603923953Messenger & Co LtdMessenger & Co Ltd : horticultural builders heating enginers and iron founders : horticultural section1928?B/08.4Messen
3604023954Marie CollinsCaxton : the description of England : a more modern rendering1988E/66.0Collin
3604223955Anthony GreyOpen houses1983M/06Grey,
3604323956compiled by Pallant HouseThe Smith Brothers of Chichester1986E/76Smith
36045Ref - 3016A C WrightThe lawless courts of Rayleigh and the Rochford Hundred / Folk Life, 191981E/24
36046Ref - 3016Jonathan BellSickles, hooks and scythes in Ireland / Folk Life, 191981E/17.7
36047Ref - 3016S Minwel TibbottLaundering in the Welsh home / Folk Life, 191981E/72.0
36048Ref - 3016J Geoffrey DentWeights and measures in regional studies / Folk Life, 191981E/71.8
3605012864Albert HerbertSwithland slate headstones / The Transactions of The Leicestershire Archaeologcal Society, XXII, Part III1945E/33.9Herber
36051Ref - 3016Peter C D BrearsHeart gravestones in the Calder Valley / Folk Life, 191981E/71.1
36052Ref - 3016Liam Canny (Liam O Caithnia)The Irish game of hurling / Folk Life, 191981E/72.4
36053Ref - 3374Gareth Haulfryn WilliamsProbate records: a source for folk life studies / Folk Life, 201981-82E/24
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