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35624Ref - 23747Juliet GaytonLand and credit : mortgages and annuities in the medieval and early modern countryside - a symposium / Rural History Today, 302016E/17.1
35625Ref - 23747Gavin BowieThe sheep house system on the chalklands of Wiltshire and Hampshire in the late medieval period / Rural History Today, 302016E/17.33
3562823749Martin CookeBeing brutal : are we conserving our brutalist social housing? A case study in Tower Hamlets2015DIS B/09Cooke,
35630Ref - 947Gerald HaythornthwaiteBuilding for delight / Countryman, 62 : 11964B/01.4
35631Ref - 947D Macer WrightOrchard roundabout / Countryman, 62 : 11964E/17.45
35633Ref - 947The CountrymanRescuing the past / Countryman, 62 : 11964E/17.7
35635Ref - 948Gerald HaythornthwaiteBuilding for delight - 2 / Countryman, 62 : 21964B/01.4
35636Ref - 948P S PatrickDownland flower show / Countryman, 62 : 21964E/17.4
3563923750M J Rodriguez-Salgado et alArmada 1588-1988 : an international exhibition to commemorate the Spanish Armada : the official catalogue1988E/65.5Rodrig
3564023751Colin Martin & Geoffrey ParkerThe Spanish Armada1988E/65.5Martin
3564123752Garrett MattinglyThe defeat of the Spanish Armada1983E/65.5Mattin
3564223753Carl J GriffinProtest, politics and work in rural England, 1700-18502014E/65.6Griffi
3564323754Dorothy Hartley and Francis M KellyMedieval costume and how to recreate it2003E/74Hartle
3564423755Margaret ScottMedieval dress & fashion2009E/74Scott,
3564523756Zillah DoveyAn Elizabethan progress : the Queen's journey into East Anglia, 15781996E/65.5Dovey,
3564623757John BossyUnder the molehill : an Elizabethan spy story2001E/65.5Bossy,
3564723758edited by Roger VirgoePrivate life in the fifteenth century : illustrated letters of the Paston family1989E/65.4Virgoe
3564823759G R EltonThe Parliament of England 1559-15811989E/65.5Elton,
3564923760Alan HaynesInvisible power : the Elizabethan secret services 1570-16031992E/65.5Haynes
3565023761Alan HaynesSex in Elizabethan England1997E/66Haynes
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