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35353Ref - 1888Ivan D MargaryWar damage to anquities on Ashdown Forest / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 11946E/15
35354Ref - 1888Lindsay FlemingSeton, in Pagham / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 11946E/15
35355Ref - 1718Ivan D MargaryThe Chichester-Brighton Roman road (continued) / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 81947E/35.1
35356Ref - 1718W.H.G.Sussex church plans : parish church of St.Bartholomew, Burwash / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 81947B/26
35357Ref - 1718R C TrokeThe Aylwins / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 81947E/55
35358Ref - 12828Hugh SoarBowyery and fletching : the ancient crafts of archery / Heritage : conservation, interpretation and enterprise1993E/33.27
35359Ref - 12828John PurserThe timeless heritage of music / Heritage : conservation, interpretation and enterprise1993E/79
3536023728Robert PennArrows : the devil's finger / The man who made things out of trees2015E/33.27Penn,
35361Ref - 776John C O'SullivanWooden pumps / Folk Life, 71969E/34
35362Ref - 776M L RyderThe size of haystacks / Folk Life, 71969E/17.37
35363Ref - 776M L RyderTeasel growing for cloth raising / Folk Life, 71969E/17.37
35364Ref - 776S PillingA pair of thistle tongs from Stranraer / Folk Life, 71969E/17.37
35365Ref - 777David JenkinsThe community and the land in south Cardiganshire at the close of the nineteenth century / Folk Life, 81970E/26
35366Ref - 777Timothy P O'NeillSome Irish techniques of collecting seaweed / Folk Life, 81970E/17.37
35367Ref - 777Alex HelmRushcarts of the north west of England / Folk Life, 81970E/33.4
35368Ref - 777F H A AalenThe house types of Gola Island, Co. Donegal / Folk Life, 81970B/22
35369Ref - 777Niks-Arvid BringeusMan, food and milieu / Folk Life, 81970E/72.5
35370Ref - 777David RodenChanging settlement in the Chiltern Hills before 1850 / Folk Life, 81970E/15
35371Ref - 777Martyn F WakelinWelsh influence in the west of England: Dialectical "Taillet" / Folk Life, 81970B/05.6
35373Ref - 777Anthea V DiverThe 'Welland' type of thistle tongs / Folk Life, 81970E/17.37
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