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3469023578Marjorie HallamWilliam Cobbett and rural England1985E/66.3Hallam
346916959R MachinThe study of traditional buildings / Group Projects in Local History1977?B/03.0Machin
346924940David NorthThe development of Middle English a, ai and i in Surrey, Kent and Sussex / Leeds Studies in English New Series, XV1984E/71.7North,
3469319935Lord RaglanThe origin of vernacular architecture / Culture and Environment1963B/01.3Raglan
34694Ref - 15580David EveleighHome comfort / Traditional Homes, December Vol.1 No.31984B/07.8
34696Ref - 3511R V SavilleGentry wealth on the Weald in the eighteenth century : the Fullers of Brightling Park / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1211983E/51
34697Ref - 12566David and Audrey GrahamArchaeological recording at All Saints Church, Crondall, 1997 / Hampshire Studies, 552000B/26
34698Ref - 12566Kate Clark and Edward RobertsWherwell Abbey : new evidence / Hampshire Studies, 552000B/26
34699Ref - 12566Christopher K Currie et alA late medieval seal-die from Overton churchyard, Hampshire / Hampshire Studies, 552000E/61.8
34700Ref - 12566John IsherwoodThe Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings campaign to save Holy Trinity church, Penton Mewsey / Hampshire Studies, 552000B/26
3472023583H L RussellExpanding the range of tree species used in the construction of timber-framed buildings in Britain2013B/05.2Russel
3472123584L A RoddA detailed examination of the form and function of pre-1900 buildings and layout of small farmsteads within a sample area to examine how this can test\\ 2010B/23Rodd,
3472223585Joanne OutramToward sustainable development on historic farmsteads in High Weald within the framework of the current guidance documents2012B/23Outram
3472323586Roland LockeAn examination of the selection crireria and the effect historical significance has n the faculty jurisdiction outcome, for timber bell frames within \\ 2012B/26Locke,
3472423587D J LangdonTo examine the place that craft skills and training holds on building consevation2010B/09Langdo
3472523588Ben KirkA comparative assessment of air abrasive and chemical methods for the removal of paint from structural timbers in historic buildings2012B/05.2Kirk,
3472623589Gregory Owen LutonImproving the management of building conservation operations1998B/09Luton,
3472723590R A LovettTowards further understanding of plaster tracing floors2012B/06.6Lovett
3472823591F Keith-LucasThe timber-framed church porches of Worcestershire and their conservation2010B/26Keith-
3472923592L HarperIs there scope to futher promote best practice guidance for resolving timber decay and other damp related defects that would benefit the guardians of \\ 2011B/10.2Harper
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