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3489923656T E CornahDefining a set of features for the purpose of identifying and conserving the detched timber framed kitchens of Worcestershire2014DIS B/06.9Cornah
3490023657R E LambClay-lump properties in Norfolk : the effect of surveyors and mortgage lenders on their long-term future2015DIS B/05.5Lamb,
349024084Woodbridge Tide MillRestoring Woodbridge tide millB/24.3Suffol
34903Ref - 15337Ron and Dorothy DavisThe Civil War and its atermath. Egham and Thorpe 1642-1675 / Surrey History, VI : 52003E/65.5
3490423639Michele BilimoffPromenade dans des jardins disparus. Les plantes au Moyen Age d'apres les Grande Heures d'Anne de Bretagne2001B/08.1Bilimo
3490523655Clare PutnamFlowers and trees of Tudor England1972E/17.4Putnam
3490723659Mark A MeadowPieter Bruegel the Elder's Netherlandish proverbs and the practice of rhetoric2002E/72Meadow
3490823660Bridget Ann HenischThe medieval calendar year2002E/72Henisc
3490923661Beatrice FontanelDaly life in art2006E/72Fontan
3491023662Philippe and Francoise Roberts-JonesPieter Bruegel der Altere1997E/72Robert
3491123663Alexander WiedBruegel1979E/72Wied,
3491223664editor Klaus ErtzPieter Breughel le jeune (1584-1637/8) - Jan Breughel 1'ancien (1568-1625) : un famille de peintres flamands vers 16001998E/72Ertz,
34914Ref - 16895C R WoodrowHaxted Mill / Aspects of Edenbridge, 31982B/24.3
34915Ref - 16895Shirley BentleyThe village of Marsh Green / Aspects of Edenbridge, 31982E/15
34916Ref - 16895E M StrudwickThe Moat, Cowden : the house and its owners or the vicissitudes of one Kentish property / Aspects of Edenbridge, 31982B/22
34917Ref - 16895B R MoreThe iron industry in the Weald / Aspects of Edenbridge, 31982E/30
3491823665Institute of Folk ArtMuzeum Vesnice Jihovychondni Moravy Straznice [Village Museum of South East Moravia at Straznice]M/08Czech/
3491914877Valeriu ButuraMuzeul Etnografic al Transilvaniei [Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania]M/08Romani
349202439Florea CosteaCetatea Risnovului [Rasnov Citadel]B/27Romani
349222416Muzeul Etnografic al TransilvsnieiMuzeul Etnografic al Transilvsniei [Transylvanian Ethnographic Museum]M/08Romani
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