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3476823609Mark MontagueAre historic illustrations featuring carpenters at work 'primitive and downright wrong' or 'a reliable source of contemporary carpentry techniques'? T\\ 2005DIS B/05.1Montag
3477023611Sofoklia SapounaPreservation of Fanari Castle in Thessaly, Greece1998DIS B/27Sapoun
3477123612D R ShawA review of parameters used in the structural design of timber frames with a view to reducing the intervention necessary to meet the requirements of b\\ 2010DIS B/05.2Shaw,
3477223613N ShelbourneConservation and the timber trussed church roofs of central Bristol2012DIS B/26Shelbo
347735315compiled by John AllwoodInformation signs for the countryside : a guide to their production1981M/09Allwoo
3477423614C G Smith'Is the use of adhesives in bonded repair joints an acceptable method of conservation of timber elements of timber framed buildings in external situat\\ 2011DIS B/05.2Smith,
3477523615Oliver SpringettThe conservation of airport terminal buildings in England constructed prior to 1939. An investigative and comparative study using fieldwork2011DIS B/28Spring
3477623616Florence SalberterHow international charters have influenced the approach and been applied to the preservation of archaeological remains set in an urban setting in Stav\\ 2003DIS B/01.6Salber
3477723617A J TaylorThe development of softwood framing in the nineteenth century2005DIS B/05.2Taylor
3477823618David WilkinsIn the South West of Britain there would appear to be insufficient safeguards to prevent the loss of historic timber in traditional farm buildings, du\\ 2007DIS B/23.9Wilkin
3477923619David WitcombeDoes the loss of architectural features resulting from the conversion of 19th-centrury public houses merit a planning policy for protection? A compara\\ 2012DIS B/25.1Witcom
3478023620S J VaryAssessment of timber members in historic buildings - is an update to the engineer's tool kit required in 2010?2010DIS B/05.2Vary,
3478123621Stephen C WaiteBuilding conservation in transitioning Cuba2012DIS B/09Waite,
34782Ref - 1916W D PeckhamThe lost parishes of Cudlow and Islesham / Sussex Notes & Queries, 6 : 41936E/66
3478317163Owen BedwinThe excavation of a late sixteenth/early seventeenth century gun-casting furnace at Maynard's Gate Crowborough, East Sussex, 1975-76 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1161978E/30Bedwin
3478419696R G Scaife and P J BurrinFloodplain development in and the vegetational history of Sussex High Weald and some archaeological implications / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1211983E/61Scaife
34787Ref - 9780Sussex LifeArdingly Show / Sussex Life, 8 No.81972E/17
34788Ref - 9780Faith HenleyHastings pier's centenary / Sussex Life, 8 No.81972E/28.1
34789Ref - 9780Ron SwaineSite of 18th century smugglers' inn found at West St.Leonards / Sussex Life, 8 No.81972B/25.1
3479223624Robert DemausEnglish Heritage research transactions : non destructive testing1999B/09Demaus
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