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3418923235J Kenneth MajorThe mills of the Isle of Wight1970B/24Major,
3419023234edited by Gwen M ParryThe maid of the mill : Louie Jermy of Poppyland and her times : 1864-19341936B/24.8Parry,
3419123233Peter HemmingWindmills in Sussex. A description of the construction and operation of windmills exemplified by up-to-date notes on the still existing windmills in S\\ 1936B/24.2Hemmin
3419723227edited by Mark Gardiner and Christopher WhittickAccounts and records of the Manor of Mote in Iden 1442-1551, 16732011E/64Gardin
3419823226Tom CladpoleTom Cladpole's journey to Lunnon : told by himself and written in pure Sussex doggerelE/81Cladpo
3419923249J D McIntoshConcrete mix design1966B/04.6McInto
3420023250The Financial TimesThe Financial Times survey of the building industry1955B/01Financ
3420123253Derek Stidder and Colin SmithWatermills of Sussex Vol 1 East Sussex1997B/24.3Stidde
3420223254A E P ShillingfordEngland's vanishing windmills1979B/24.2Shilli
3420323255Edward A MartinLife in a Sussex windmill1920B/24.8Martin
3420523257John Storck and Walter Dorwin TeagueA history of milling : flour for man's bread1952B/24.71Storck
3420623259James WaltonWater-mills windmills and horse-mills of South Africa1974B/24Walton
3420723260Kenneth C ReidWater-mills and the landscapeB/24.3Reid,
3420823261J Kenneth MajorWatermills and windmills1986B/24.1Major,
3420923263Graham J Douglas et alScottish windmills : a survey1984B/24.2Scotla
34211Ref - 23265G A CrewProblems in flour mills and some answers / Miling Feed and Fertliser, CLX : 101977B/24.6
34212Ref - 23265Graham SwansonCann mill in Dorset / Miling Feed and Fertliser, CLX : 101977B/24.2
342154095John G RollinsThe needle mills : a study of the watermills serving the industry1970B/24.3Rollin
3421623270Martin ScottThe restoration of windmills and windpumps in Norfolk1977B/24.9Scott,
3421723271edited by Martin Hayes and Emma White in association with WSCCGreat War Britain. West Sussex. Remembering 1914-182014E/65.7Hayes,
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