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34567Ref - 23515Julian BellPreparing the timber for the Saxon Hall / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2015B/05.2
34568Ref - 8011Eric ThornleyHarvesting and peeling white willow / Basketmakers Association Newsletter, Summer : 581991E/33.4
34570Ref - 18630Martin MorrisKyo-Machiya : tracing the development of the traditional town houses of Kyoto through the medieval centuries / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/01.3
34571Ref - 18630Christopher DyerVernacular architecture and landscape history : the legacy of 'The Rebuilding of Rural England' and 'The Making of the English Landscape' / Vernacular Architecture, 372006E/15
3457223516Eugenie S SchilligAn investigation into the decay mechanisms and repair history of the Norman capitals of the Priory Church, Christchurch. (Appendices)2001DIS B/26Schill
3457323517MSc studentPreliminary conservation plan : Buildings BA and AA, Kent and Sussex Hospital , Tunbridge Wells, Kent2012DIS B/25.3Anon
3457423518MSc studentHow do we bring churches into the 21st century without compromising on the building's integrity?2010DIS B/26Anon
3457523519Jonathan AllenThe use of timber in the formation of architectural deceit in English architecture2012?DIS B/05.2Allen,
3457623520Robert AytonConservation theory and practice and he effectiveness of listed building control. A study of Georgian terraced house interiors.2007DIS B/09Ayton,
3457723521G F BagshawThe effective transfer of wood colouring techniques to the repair of timber frames : an investigation2003DIS B/10.2Bagsha
3457823522Andrew BarberBuildings at risk surveys: a quantitive and qualitatives study of whether, and how, surveys have proven to be a useful tool for preserving the buildin\\ 2005DIS B/03.4Barber
3457923523Jim BarnesThe identification, characterisation and conservation of buildings of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway together with subsidiary and associa\\ 2012DIS B/28Barnes
3458023524Chris BennettPost-war conservation : conserving the seven new universities2004DIS B/25.3Bennet
3458123525Colin BettsA literary, historical and field work based analytical examination of the typology and timber species which are used to form the machinery components \\ 2012DIS B/24.6Betts,
3458223526Brian BrettThe old stone crosses of Somerset : an analysis of stone crosses in Somerset comparing their present condition in 2012 with their recorded condition i\\ 2012DIS B/08.9Brett,
3458323527S J Bridgen"Conservation vs restoration - what factors influence workhouse conversion and have they lost their cultural significance through re-use?"2012DIS B/25.3Bridge
3458423528Anthony ChapmanCan we preserve the past : the conservation of Anglo-Saxon churches2010DIS B/26Chapma
3458523529M R ChisholmThe influences considered by a Victorian philanthropist when selecting building materials for his gift to the nation : Thomas Holloway and the Royal H\\ 2012DIS B/25.3Chisho
3458623530Samuel ClaysonEarth mortars of the vernacular buildings of North Dorset2012DIS B/04.6Clayso
3458723531A N ColemanA review of changes made to basic late 19th to early 20th century traditional houses and the future impact on them of the EU carbon dioxide reduction2009DIS B/09Colema
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