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348276397Finn Hjerl-HansenHjerl Hede. Fredningen og Frilandsmuseet ved Flynderso [Conservation and the Open Air Museum at Flynderso]1980M/01.1Denmar
348288855Cornelius Vanderbilt JrThe living past of America : a pictorial treasury of our historic houses and villages that have been preserved and restored1955B/01.0USA/Va
34830Ref - 3433Petworth SocietyThe third Earl's thoughts on the noble art / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 231981E/72.4
34831Ref - 3434Henry ("Timer") WhitcombPheasants and hares / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 241981E/29.7
34832Ref - 3434Petworth SocietyWork in the woods. Christmas 1913 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 241981E/18
34833Ref - 3435P.A.J.The office of Bailiff, Portreeve or Clerk of the Market in early seventeenth century Petworth / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 251981E/24
3483423629Irja SahlbergThe Handicraft Museum at Luostarinmaki : a short guide1965M/08Finlan
3483514451edited and translated by Martti Puhakka et alLuostarinmmaki Handicrafts Museum1987M/08Finlan
3483610957Knut DrakeA short talk on: Open-air museums and the preservation of monumentsM/03Finlan
34838Ref - 23630Steve BerryBats in the belfry / Architectural Technology, Spring : 1132015B/26
34839Ref - 23630Charles Hipplisley-CoxHearts of oak / Architectural Technology, Spring : 1132015B/05.2
34840Ref - 22990Michelle HicksThe quadripartite vaults at London Bridge station / Structural Engineer, 93 : 6 June2015B/28
34841Ref - 22990Ian Hume & James MillerConservation compendium. Part 7 : Imposed load in historic buildings: assessing what is real / Structural Engineer, 93 : 6 June2015B/10
34842Ref - 22990Lawrance Hurst & Andrew DuttonConservation compendium. Part 8 : Bond timbers in old brickwork / Structural Engineer, 93: 7 July2015B/10.3
34843Ref - 22990Michael D BeareConservation compendium. Part 9 : Corrosion of steel frames behind masonry elevations - an introduction / Structural Engineer, 93: 8 August2015B/10.9
3484422041B D and A J StoyelThe old mill, Bexley / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXIII1968B/24.3Kent/B
3484514870compiled by Georgeta StoicaOpen-air museums in Romania1993M/01.1Romani
348463970Gunilla Eriksson et alKulturen in Lund : a guide to The Museum of Cultural History in Lund1983M/08Sweden
348479024Gunilla Eriksson et alKulturen in Lund : a guide to The Museum of Cultural History in Lund1983M/08Sweden
34849Ref - 18950J.P.B.(edited by P Jerrome)"They won't put clock on!" / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1352009E/15
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