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3412423185J P M PannellMan the builder : an illustrated history of engineering1977E/36Pannel
3412523186Alfred WatkinsThe old straight track : ts mounds, beacons, moats, sites and mark stones1974E/15Englan
3412623187Rebecca GoldTowards the creation of an online catalogue for a special library collection2001DIS M/06Gold,
3412723188Penny StoneOpen-air museums : what visitors want!2004DIS M/01.1Stone,
3412823189Audrey HawkridgeJane Austen and Hampshire : Hampshire Papers 61995E/51Austen
3412923190John LowePreserving England's past / Approach, Winter1976M/06Lowe,
3413023191Alison Clarke et alL'ecomusee du pays de Rennes1991M/08France
34132Ref - 2349The CountrymanAn old Wiltshire water wheel / Countryman, XIX : I1939E/17.38
34133Ref - 2349The CountrymanA memorial to George V in Sussex (Kirdford sign) / Countryman, XIX : I1939E/62.9
34134Ref - 2349The CountrymanEvolution of a walking stick / Countryman, XIX : I1939E/33.15
3413523193A R UbbelohdeMan and energy1963E/34Ubbelo
3414223199compiled by Colin BrentThe rural economy of eastern Sussex 1500-17001978E/17.1Brent,
3414423200Fred AldsworthLimeburning and the Amberley chalk pits : a history1979B/04.6Aldswo
3414523201Margaret Rule et alFloor mosaics in Roman Britain : Fishbourne and other sites1974B/07.5Rule,
34146Ref - 665Julian CornwallThe Ecclesden outrage: a fresh interpretation / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/65.5
34147Ref - 665C E BrentUrban employment and population in Sussex between 1550 and 1660 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/22.1
34148Ref - 665D J FrekeExcavations in Lewes, 1974 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/61
34149Ref - 665Anthony KingA medieval town house in German Street, Winchelsea / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975B/22
3415017164C F TebbuttAn abandoned mediaeval industrial site at Parrock, Hartfield / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/61.8Tebbut
3415123202C E BrentUrban employment and population in Sussex between 1550 and 1660 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/66.6Brent,
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