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3385423034selected by Irene Campbell et alShort stories from West Sussex : a collection of short stories by West Sussex writers inspired by Hilaire Belloc1993E/56Sussex
3385523035Leckhampton Local History SocietyLeckhampton Local History Society Research bulletin : 22001B/04Leckha
3385623036Alan Crawford, Michael Dunn and Robert ThorneBirmingham pubs 1880-19391986B/25.1Crawfo
3385823038Peter SmithThe R.C.A.H.M. Wales in my time / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 341990B/09Smith,
33862Ref - 11971Peter LeachEcclesiology in Wharfedale : two incumbents and their churches / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 431999B/26
338638625Paul SlaneBayleaf farmhouse1984DIS M/06Slane,
338641802Lisa J BrooksHorsham stone roofs1997DIS B/04.74Brooks
338651798Sarah GouldingThe historical and structural development of Longport House1995DIS M/06Gouldi
33866488Carless Exploration LimitedStatement and plans to accompany a planning application requesting permission to drill an exploratory borehole from a site within Singleton Forest \\1988M/06Carles
3386713270David VannsClay plain tiling in Kent and Sussex1994DIS B/04.73Vanns,
33868468Martin J HigginsThe vernacular architecture of the parish of Betchworth in Surrey1984B/01.3Higgin
33870Ref - 13893D A SimpsonSearching patents for historical information / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 171987E/63
33871Ref - 13893Seth W BurchardHow joiners worked ca150 BC / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 171987E/33.27
33872Ref - 13893Gunther Heine, Peter Massey, Hunter M PilkingtonPit-sawing methods / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 171987E/33.27
33873Ref - 13893Patrick Mansfield, Hunter M PilkingtonTimber handling / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 171987E/33.10
33874Ref - 13892Michael FieldThe 'ageing' of bricks - traditonal method / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 181987B/04.3
33875Ref - 7851Bruce McCay and John WilliamsFaults in wool / The Ark, XIII : 91986E/17.33
3387923043Sandra and Laurel SethAdobe! Homes and interiors of Taos, Santa Fe and the southwest1988B/04.5Seth,
3388123044Orlando Romero and David LarkinAdobe : building and living with earth1994B/04.5Romero
3388223045A J MugridgeThe Brosley heavy clay industry with particular reference to the district's brickyard & roofing tile manufactories2001B/04.3Mugrid
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