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3289222606S M GaskellBuilding control : national legislation & the introduction of local bye-Laws in Victorian England1983E/24Gaskel
32907Ref - 22614Christopher DyerThe material world of English peasants, 1200-1540 : archaeological perspectives on rural economy and welfare / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part I2014E/66.3
32908Ref - 22614Jesper LarssonBoundaries and property rights: The transformation of a common-pool resource / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part I2014E/16
32909Ref - 22614Paul Warde and Tom WiliamsonFuel supply and agriculture in post-medieval England / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part I2014E/17
32911Ref - 22614Donald L Opitz'Back to the Land': Lady Warwick and the movement for women's collegiate agricultural education / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part I2014E/25.7
32912Ref - 22614John Chartres et alJoan Thirsk, FBA, 1922-2013 / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part I2014E/51
32913Ref - 22573Michiel BrounsDemystifying linseed paint / Context, November : 1322013B/09
32914Ref - 22573John PrestonThe Green Deal and ECO: is the phoney war ending? / Context, November : 1322013B/01.6
32915Ref - 22573Brian MortonSurvival of the fittest : many freestanding walls are removed unnecessarily when too little consideration is given to their form of construction / Context, November : 1322013B/08.3
32916Ref - 22573Bruce InduniUsing stone consolidants / Context, November : 1322013B/05.4
32917Ref - 22573Paul CumingHeritage asset management in Kent : Kent's HER21 project aims to understand heritage information needs, and develop protocols for recording, maintain\\ / Context, November : 1322013B/01.6
32918Ref - 22616Laurie HandcockAlan Bennett's 'People' and public perceptions of heritage / Context, March : 1282013M/01
32919Ref - 22616Paul AinsworthPromoting and protecting heritage pubs / Context, March : 1282013B/25.1
32920Ref - 22616Mark PriceConserving theatres / Context, March : 1282013B/25
32921Ref - 22616Jake AllsopConserving swifts in historic buildings / Context, March : 1282013B/07.9
3293022621Nigel HarveyOld farm buildings1987B/23Harvey
32932Ref - 22604Norman MacintoshThe cone ranger / AT, Autumn : 1072013B/05.62
32933Ref - 22604Toni PageSchool of hard knocks / AT, Autumn : 1072013B/09
3293422622Robin FlemingBritain after Rome : the fall and rise, 400-10702011E/66Flemin
3293522623edited by Alison Richmond and Alison BrackerConservation principles, dilemmas and uncomfortable truths2009E/75Richmo
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