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32077Ref - 21843Stephen G HagueFurnishing for gentility : evidence from small classical houses in Gloucestershire, 1680-1770 / Regional Furniture, XXVII2013E/33.28
32078Ref - 21843Michael PearceBeds of 'Chapel' form in sixteenth-century Scottish inventories : The worst sort of bed / Regional Furniture, XXVII2013E/33.28
32079Ref - 21843Lesley HoskinsSocial, economic and geographical differences in mid-nineteenth-century homes : the evidence from inventories / Regional Furniture, XXVII2013E/33.28
32080Ref - 21843Julie BanhamProducer, not consumer : the paradox of eighteenth-century Sheffield and its 'Missing' middling society / Regional Furniture, XXVII2013E/66.0
32081Ref - 21843Eleanor JohnDrawing rooms, dining rooms and parlours in the homes of London's middling sorts 1740-1810 / Regional Furniture, XXVII2013E/72.0
3208221844F W B CharlesConservation of timber buildings1984B/09Charle
32084Ref - 10243Handle House Trowbridge / SPAB News, No.3 July p411983B/23.9
32088Ref - 21851Martin HigginsFancy framing, ogee braces and the Godalming (ogee) brace / DBRG News, October2013B/03.31
32089Ref - 21851Daid ChalcraftNurstead Court : a hidden crown-post gem / DBRG News, October2013B/05.2
3209621857Harry ForresterThe timber-framed houses of Essex ; a short review of their types and details 14th to 18th centuries1959B/22East A
3209821858Mark GirouardThe Victorian country house1979B/22Giroua
3209921859Alain Erlande-BrandenburgCathedrals and castles : building in the middle ages1993B/26Erland
3211121876Simon Wright and Frank GregoryNutley Windmill - A short history and guideB/24.2
3212021884Miles GlendinningThe conservation movement : a history of architectural preservation : antiquity to modernity2013B/09Glendi
3212221887James W P CampbellBuilding St Paul's2007B/26London
3212421888James W P CampbellBrick : a world history2003B/04.3Campbe
3212721890Olive CookEnglish cottages and farmhouses1982B/20Cook,
3212821891F Gordon RoeEnglish cottage furniture1949E/33.28Roe, F
3213121894R W SymondsThe present state of English furniture1927E/33.28Symond
3213221895Pauline AgiusBritish furniture 1880-19151978E/33.28Agius,
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