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318298579Alec Clifton-TaylorThe pattern of English building1962B/04.0Clifto
3183021706Alfred B SearleSand and gravel : their occurrence and uses1932E/36.6Searle
3183221707Frank Bennett and Alfred PinionRoof slating and tiling1948B/04.7Bennet
3183321708Charles DobsonThe history of the concrete roofing tile : its origin and development in Germany1959B/04.73Dobson
3183421709PortlandEveryday uses of Portland cement : a practical handbook on the economical employment of Portland cement1921B/04.6Portla
3183521710Michael CassellThe Readymixers : the story of how ready mixed concrete changed the building industry1986B/04.9Cassel
3183621711Arthur Seymour Jennings and Guy Cadogan RotheryThe modern painter and decorator : a practical treatise on house, church, theatre, and public buildings painting and decorating : Vols I and III1921B/07.9Jennin
3183721712H L ChildePre-cast concrete factory operation1929B/04.9Childe
3183821713edited by Bernard E Jones et alCassell's reinforced concrete : a complete treatise on the practice and theory of modern construction in concrete-steel1913B/04.9Jones,
3183921714Bruce Bailey, Nikolaus Pevsner, Bridget CherryThe buildings of England : Northamptonshire2013B/01.0Pevsne
3184021715edited by David Gaimster and Paul StamperThe age of transition : the archaeology of English culture 1400-16001997E/72.0Gaimst
3184121716edited by Christine Casey and Conor LuceyDecorative plasterwork in Ireland and Europe : ornament and the early modern interior2012B/07.3Casey,
3184221717edited by Cary Carson and Carl R LounsburyThe Chesapeake House : architectural investigation by Colonial Williamsburg2013B/01.0Carson
31844Ref - 21718Norwich Castle / Current Archaeology, 1702000E/61.0
31851Ref - 21720Edward RobertsEarly hay barns in the south of England : a sixteenth-century example? / Vernacular Architecture, 422011B/23.2
31852Ref - 21720Andrew R Boucher and Richard K MorrisThe bell tower of St Mary's church, Pembridge, Herefordshire / Vernacular Architecture, 422011B/26
31853Ref - 21720John McCannEngravings as evidence of dovecotes / Vernacular Architecture, 422011B/23.4
31854Ref - 21720Nat Alcock, David Clark and Dan MilesRadiocarbon date list 2 : Midland cruck houses / Vernacular Architecture, 422011B/05.2
31855Ref - 20912Michael DaviesNew life for old ruins / The Building Conservation Directory2011B/10.0
31856Ref - 20912Victoria HunnsHeritage protection in the countryside : the role of land management and agri-environment schemes / The Building Conservation Directory2011E/16
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