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31668Ref - 21677Frederick GibsonSt John the Evangelist, Shobdon : a conservation case study / Historic Churches, Twentieth annual edition2013B/26
31669Ref - 21677Jonathan TaylorRainwater / Historic Churches, Twentieth annual edition2013B/09
31670Ref - 21677Richard WheelerA Welsh treasure : the medieval rood screen and rood loft at Llananno / Historic Churches, Twentieth annual edition2013B/07.1
31671Ref - 17711Ken and June Peacock"All that traffic going past and nothing could stop". Reminiscences of a Petworth Publican / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1072002E/56
3167221678Odhams PressNature through the year1946E/07.0Odhams
31673Ref - 17711Harry TipladyA sailor with red, white and blue ribbons2002E/56
31674Ref - 17711Minica PidcockGrowing up in Petworth in the twenties / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1072002E/56
31675Ref - 17712Miles CostelloFrom Donkey Row to Ayre's Yard : an alternative look at Petworth's ancient streets / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1082002E/56
31676Ref - 14400Vera RandallA Brighton girl at heart / The Petworth Society Bulletin, December : 1102002E/56
31677Ref - 14400Kin Carnarvon Brown"Some of the people are very cranky indeed2002E/56
31678Ref - 14804Joy GumbrellWhat's in a name? / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1112003E/56
31679Ref - 14804Miles Costello, Keith ShawMr. Pitfield's car / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1112003E/56
31680Ref - 14802Janet ChisholmIn search of the master baker : a Petworth quartet / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1132003E/56
31681Ref - 14801Miles CostelloUpperton memories: 1. camomile daisies and 'Holy Joe'; 2. there for the duration; 3. sweets were rationed / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1142003E/56
31682Ref - 15338Miles CostelloSherbert fountains and other randome collections (3) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1152004E/56
31684Ref - 15338Alison McCann'The Greatest Rascal I Ever Heard of' - William Tyler, the 3rd Earl's man of business / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1152004E/51
31685Ref - 15338Miles CostelloThe Half Moon Inn 1666-1900 / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1152004E/56
31686Ref - 15070Miles CostelloSherbert fountains and other random recollections (4): 1, bomb holes; Christmas; The Post Office; homemade wine; Colonel Kennett; steam engines; Daint\\ / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1162004E/56
31687Ref - 15070Frances AbrahamEbernoe School / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1162004E/56
31689Ref - 21679Inja SmerdelWhat images of oxen can tell us : metaphorical meanings and everyday working practices / Folk Life, 51 : 12013E/17.32
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