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31017Ref - 21077Lauren MuneyThe guest's interactive experience : a case study through silouette portraiture / ALHFAM Bulletin, 41 : 32011M/03
31019Ref - 21076Ron MartinSteyning tannery / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, July : 1512011B/24
31021Ref - 21076John BlackwellThe Medhurst family grave markers / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, July : 1512011
31022Ref - 21167Peter JamiesonHazel coppicing as told by Peter Jamieson NSMT Annual Conference 2012 / The Thatcher's Standard, June : 292012E/18
31024Ref - 21345Deborah GoacherKentish ragstone from the Maidstone area / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 942012B/05.4
31025Ref - 21345Gordon TaylorThe Dutch and Flemish gables of Kent / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 942012B/05
31026Ref - 21223Louise GrayA collection of ghosts provide an unusual draw for the Totnes Elizabethan House Museum / Museums Journal, 112 : 62012
31028Ref - 16764E Cecil CurwenThe problem of early water-mills / Antiquity, XVIII : 711944B/24.3
3103021346Henri RaulinMaisons paysannes d'Europe2009B/20Raulin
31031Ref - 16765Kenneth WilliamsonHorizontal water-mills of the Faeroe Islands / Antiquity, XX : No.781946B/24.3
31032Ref - 21191Cornelius DaviesWhy not a stooking machine? / Farm, I : V1951E/17.7
31033Ref - 21191W H OwensTraining rural craftsmen / Farm, I : V1951 Mar - AprE/33.0
31035Ref - 21347Helen Chapman DaviesThe medieval Leper Hospital of St. Thomas, Guildford / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, October : 4352012B/25
31036Ref - 21347D J TurnerBishop Waynflete's brick tower of Farnham Castle / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, 4352012B/05.3
31038Ref - 21348Alan CrockerSir Frederick Evelyn's proposed gunpowder mill at Abinger Hammer / Surrey History, XI2012E/36.7
31041Ref - 21348Pat Ashworth and John SquierJohn Norden's survey of Henley Park 1607 and portrait of Sir John Glynne and his family at Henley Park / Surrey History, XI2012E/56
31042Ref - 21348David CalowThe Thorp scrapbooks : drawings, paintings and ephemera relating to the history of Guildford 1728-1897. Their acquisition for the Surrey History Centr\\ / Surrey History, XI2012E/56
31044Ref - 21197Ewen McEwenWear of plough shares / Farm, III : No.III Nov-Dec1952E/17.7
31046Ref - 21166David H KennettThe heated brick: the ideal bed-warmer and foot-warmer / British Brick Society Information 120, May : 1202012E/72
31047Ref - 21207Rob Atkins and Michael WebsterMedieval corn-driers, discovered on land probably once part of Repton Manor, Ashford / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXII2012E/17.7
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