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3085821284Jaques FrealMaisons de Normandie [Houses of Normandy]1973B/22France
3085921285Oldrich SulerVitajte ve Valasskem Muzeu v Prirode v Roznove pod Radhostem [Welcome to the Wallachian Museum in the countryside in Ro2010M/08Czech/
30866Ref - 21289Louise MiskellPutting on a show : the Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Victorian town c1840 - 1870 / The Agricultural History Review, 60 : Part I2012E/17.8
30867Ref - 21118William W HagenEuropean yeomanries : a non-immiseration model of agrarian social history, 1350-1800 / The Agricultural History Review, 59 : Part II2011E/66.3
30868Ref - 20587Danae TankardThe regulation of cottage building in seventeenth century Sussex / The Agricultural History Review, 59 : Part I2011B/01.6
30869Ref - 20328E J T CollinsThe latter day history of the draught ox in England 1770 - 1964, 58 Part : Part II2010E/17.38
30870Ref - 18556Chris BriggsThe availability of credit in the English countryside 1400 - 1480 / The Agricultural History Review, 56 : Part I2008E/65.4
30871Ref - 18580Roger WellsThe Poor Law Commission and publicly owned housing in the English countryside 1834 - 47 / The Agricultural History Review, 55 Part II2007E/66.2
30872Ref - 17719Christopher DyerA Suffolk farmer in the fifteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 55 : Part I2007E/66.3
30874Ref - 17719Joyce BurnettMarried with children: the family status of female day labourers at two south western farms / The Agricultural History Review, 55 : Part I2007E/66.7
30875Ref - 16038June A SheppardAgricultural workers in mid nineteenth century Brighton / The Agricultural History Review, 54 : Part 12006E/66
30876Ref - 15693Jon StobartThe economic and social worlds of rural craftsmen-retailers in eighteenth century Cheshire, 52 : Part II2004E/22.3
3089021301James WinesGreen architecture2000B/05.0Wines,
30891Ref - 21298Iron industry in the Sussex Weald / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, April : 1542012E/36.1
30892Ref - 21298Ron MartinCement and concrete in the nineteenth century / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, April : 1542012B/05.9
30893Ref - 21298Geoffrey MeadFragments of 19th century industry / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, April : 1542012E/3
30895Ref - 21294Cliff ThomasLessons in restoration / Sustain, May/June2012B/10
30896Ref - 21292Bill FergieAn early cruck house at No.1 Somerset's Cottages, Bentley, Hampshire / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 58 : Autumn2012B/05.2
30903Ref - 21303Danae TankardThe Armstrong Library at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum / Local History News, Summer : 1042012M/06
309069985Stride & SonPedigree sale of 200 Southdown ewes, tegs, lambs and rams1986E/17.33Stride
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