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3063521086edited by Elwyn Hartley EdwardsThe Country Life book of saddlery and equipment1981E/33.64Edward
3063621087Diane Gadway and Richard SneiderBraiding with horsehair1984E/33.50Gadway
3063721088Bruce GrantLeather braiding1991E/33.60Grant,
3063821089Brendan SmithBrendan's leather book1972E/33.60Smith,
3063921090Dusty JohnsonSaddlemaking : lessons in construction, repair and evaluation1993E/33.64Johnso
3064021091CoSIRAMaking a saddle : 801973E/33.64CoSIRA
3064121092Peter C MeadeJohn Waterer's guide to leather conservation and restoration1986E/33.60Meade,
3064221093G C MoseleyLeather goods manufacture1939E/33.60Mosele
3064321094John Bedford LenoThe art of boot and shoemaking1949E/33.65Leno,
3064421095Robert SteinkeRepair your own saddlery and harness1994E/33.64Steink
3064521096J H L ShieldsTo handmake a saddle1983E/33.64Shield
3064621097Paul N HasluckSaddlery and harness making1962E/33.64Hasluc
3064721098Peter Wylie DavidsonDecorative leatherwork1923E/33.60Davids
3064821099E Ellin CarterArtistic leather work : a handbook on the art of decorating leather1926E/33.60Carter
3064921100Frances A StaiteGlove making at home1927E/33.60Staite
3065521104edited by Paul HasluckBoot making and mending, reparing lasting and finishing1896E/33.65Hasluc
3065621105George and coArtistic leatherwork leathers, skins tools and materials1928E/33.60George
3065721106John WoodfordeThe truth about cottages1980E/66.3Woodfo
3065821107Arbeitskreis fur HausforschungAHF Chichester England 19891989B/05.2Arbeit
3065921108Rose BaughanThe leather work book1884E/33.60Baugha
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