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3067621122Claus AhrensFruhe Holzkirchen im Nordlichen Europa (Early Wooden Churches in Northern Europe)B/26Ahrens
3068921133E J T CollinsDietary change & cereal consumption in Britain in the nineteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 23 Part II1975E/72.5Collin
3069021134Christopher DyerChanges in diet in the late middle ages : the case of harvest workers / The Agricultural History Review, 36 Part I1988E/72.5Dyer,
3069121135Linda FletcherStrewings / Folk Life, 361997-1978B/06.6Fletch
3069221136L N CandlinBygone Christmases / The Sussex County Magazine1946E/71.2Candli
3069321137Edward ShoosmithFrumenty / Sussex County Magazine1941E/72.5Shoosm
3069621140J Lewis AndreSussex domestic architecture in its humbler aspects / Sussex Archaeological collections, 4B/22Lewis
3070021143H J LouwThe rise of the metal window during the early industrial period in Britain c1750-1830 / Construction History, 31987B/06.3Louw,
3070221145JaneT PenningtonSussex chairs / Regional Furniture, IX1995E/33.28Pennin
3070321146David KnellTudor furniture from the Mary Rose / Regional Furniture, X11997E/33.28Knell,
3070521148Sussex County MagazineLeaves from a 17th-18th century household book : 3: wine and win-making / The Sussex County Magazine1951E/72.5Sussex
3070621149Leaves from a 17th-18th century household book / The Sussex County Magazine1951E/72.5
3070721150Pamela SambrookHome brewing on a grand scale / Folk Life, 291990E/72.5Sambro
3070821151Leaves from a 17th-18th century Household Book / The Sussex County Magazine1951/1952E/73
3070921152Leaves from a 17th-18th century household book / The Sussex County Magazine1952E/72
3071021153The Petworth SocietyTwo early sixteenth century recipes / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 201980E/72.5Petwor
3071121154A Country-WomanGood old English beer / The Sussex County Magazine, III : No31929E/72.5Countr
3071321156Frances W SteerEighteenth century housekeeping / The Sussex County Magazine1954E/72.0Steer,
3071421157H J LouwDemarcation disputes between the English carpenters and joiners from the 16th to the 18th century / Construction History, 51989B/02.3Louw,
3071621159DWH Miles; Henry RussellPlumb and level marks / Vernacular Architecture, 26B/05.2Miles,
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