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2877119577David and Barbara MartinDomestic building in the eastern High Weald 1300-1750. Part 2 : windows & doorways : 61991B/06.3Martin
2877319578F W B CharlesMedieval cruck-building and its derivatives : a study of timber-framed construction based on buildings in Worcestershire1967B/05.2Charle
2877819582Sydney R JonesThe south of England : an artist's journey through English landscapes1998E/15Englan
2877919583L Fraser et alScottish vernacular buildings : bibliography 21987B/00.2Fraser
2879619600edited by Della HookeLandscape : the richest historical record2000E/65.0Hooke,
2879719601J L & Barbara HammondThe village labourer1966E/66.0Hammon
287986329M MonnetConservation of historic buildings in France since WWI1975B/10.0Monnet
2879919602Gordon WinterA country camera 1844-19141973E/66.3Winter
2880219603Welsh Folk Museum St FagansFarmhouses and cottages in Wales1967B/23.1Welsh
2880319604Jeremy LoweWelsh country workers housing 1775-18751985B/22Wales/
2880419605CotswoldCotswold Farm Park, Guiting PowerE/17.31Cotswo
2880519606CotswoldCotswold Farm Park, Rare Breed Survival Centre, Guiting PowerE/17.31Cotswo
2880619607R A C ParkerEnclosures in the eighteenth century1960E/66Parker
2880719608Joan ThirskTudor enclosures1958E/66Thirsk
2880919610John VinceOld British livestock1974E/17.31Vince,
2881019611L Dudley Stamp et alThe British Isles : a geographic and economic survey1937E/15UK/Sta
2881119612P V GlobThe Mound People : Danish bronze-age man preserved1973E/62.2Glob,
2881219613edited by H C DarbyThe historical geography of England before AD18001951E/15Englan
2881319614John Henry ParkerA concise glossary of architectural terms1989B/00.1Parker
2881419615Richard HarrisDiscovering timber-framed buildings1979B/05.2Harris
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