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2848219341Steve Trow and Jeremy LakeHistoric farm buildings : assets or liabilities? / The Archaeologist, 552005B/23Trow,
2848319342Phil ThomasRecording cathedrals, abbeys and churches : new techniques on old buildings / The Archaeologist, 552005B/03.1Thomas
2848419343Derek Hamilton and Peter MarshallUsing tree-ring dating to understand historic timberwork / The Archaeologist, 552005B/03.31Hamilt
2848519344Building Conservation JournalTimber! An ancient craft is alive and well in the UK / RICS Building Conservation Journal, 452007B/05.2Buildi
2849519352Mike WallDown memory Llane to Muckross traditional farms / Heavy Horse World, Summer2003E/17.38Wall,
2849619353Jonathan MillerPercherons arrive in Surrey / Heavy Horse World, Summer2003E/17.38Miller
2849719354Charlie PinneyDon't give up on the horse / Heavy Horse World, Summer2003E/17.38Pinney
2849819355Chris WadsworthThe bog job. Part 1 [horse loggers working at Askham Bog] / Heavy Horse World, Summer2003E/17.38Wadswo
2849919356Rory SpencerA tip cart comes back to life / Heavy Horse World, Summer2003E/33.25Spence
2850019357Charlie PinneyDon't give up on the horse Part 2 / Heavy Horse, Autumn2004E/17.38Pinney
2850119358Robert SampsonHorses and machines : getting the job done / Heavy Horse World, Winter2004`E/17.38Sampso
2850219359Cheryl GroverDriving a single horse : Part 2 - driving your turnout / Heavy Horse World, Winter2004E/17.38Grover
2850319360Doug JoinerHorse logging in Britain - 2 / Heavy Horse World, Winter2004E/18Joiner
2850419361William CastleHorses and machines : getting the job done. Part 2 / Heavy Horse World, Spring2004E/17.38Castle
2850519362Doug JoinerHorse logging in Britain - 1 / Heavy Horse World, Autumn2004E/18Joiner
2850619363William CastleHorses and machines : getting the job done / Heavy Horse World, Autumn2004E/17.38Castle
2850719364Doug JoinerHorse logging in Britain - 3 / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005E/18Joiner
2850819365Brian RobinsonCath Pegg revives family tradition / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005E/33.64Robins
2850919366William CastleHorses and machines : getting the job done. Part 4 / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005E/17.38Castle
2851019367Doug JoinerBritish loggers deep in the Transylvanian mountains / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005E/18Joiner
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