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2830819190Henry LappA craftsman's handbook. An exquisite reproduction of a rare notebook, illustrated in watercolor1975E/33.28Lapp,
2831219191William LinnardSweat and sawdust : pit-sawing in Wales / Folk Life, 201982E/33.22Linnar
2831319192Alasdair G B WallaceMaking the rule joint / Fine Woodworking, 181979E/33.28Wallac
2831419193Ian H GoodallThe medieval blacksmith and his products / Medieval Industry. CBA Research Report, 401981E/33.32Goodal
2831519194Vernard Foley and Susan CanganelliThe origin of the slide rest / Tools and Technology Newsletter of the American Precision Museum, VI No.1 and No. 31984E/30Foley,
2831619195John NearyWhen rules and drills drive you just plane screwy / Smithsonian, February1991M/03Neary,
2831719196Peter McFarlaneMason's square riddle : the plot thickens / SPAB News, 10 No.21989B/05.4McFarl
2831819197Victor ChinneryThe Salisbury Joiners' Company in the 17th century / Regional Furniture Study Group, Spring1985E/33.28Chinne
2831919198Lee H Nelson and Penelope HartshorneNail chronology as an aid to dating old buildings : paint color research and restoration / History News. Technical News 15, 19 No. 21963B/03.2Nelson
2832219199IgoeSome pages from the Igoe Bros catalogue / Igoe Bros. Catalogue1935E/33.34Igoe
2832519201Ken KilbyToolsE/33.21Kilby,
2832619202Nigel BarklieFrom tuns to garden tubs : the coopers carry on / The Woodworker, August1982E/33.21Barkli
2832719203John W Hedges and Gerald A WaitCoopers crozes / Antiquity, 611987E/33.21Hedges
2832819204David EsterlyOut of the ashes / The Independent Magazine, July1992E/33.29Esterl
2832919205James ThompsonThe mouseman of Kilburn / Woodworking Crafts1982B/05.2Thomps
2833019206Donald Woodward"Swords into Ploughshares" : recycling in pre-industrial England / The Economic History Review Second Series, XXXVIII No. 21985E/72Woodwa
2833119207John H HarveyThe tracing floor in York Minster / 40th Annual Report of the Friends of York Minster1968B/05.4Harvey
2833419208C L MateauxNails : being a compilation of information on nails and nailmaking / The Wonderland of Work1880E/33.33Mateau
2833519209C F InnocentThe carpenter / The Development of Building Construction, Cambridge University Press1916B/05.2Innoce
2833619210R A SalamanPincher Jack / ?E/33.31Salama
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