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28003Ref - 10346Joan HardingAn unusual crown post on an open truss / DBRG News, 721996 / 1B/05.2
28004Ref - 10345Anne GraceVisit to Penshurst / DBRG News, 711995 / 3B/05.2
28005Ref - 10345Mike MasonBetchworth / DBRG News, 711995 / 3B/05.2
28006Ref - 10345May CreeStave churches / DBRG News, 711995 / 3B/26
28007Ref - 10355Leslie Burnett et alVisits to Ham House, The Great Tithe Barn, Wanborough; Frosbury Farmhouse, Worplesdon; Cwmnau Farm, Brilley / DBRG News, 431986 / 2B/05.2
2801018943Duncan JamesAn analysis of the historic fabric of medieval and post medieval buildings in Weobley, Herefordshire : April2007B/05.2James,
2801218945Sylvia LandsbergThe medieval gardenB/08.1Landsb
2801318946edited by P S Barnwell and Malcolm AirsHouses and the Hearth Tax : the later Stuart house and society2006E/66.5Barnwe
28016Ref - 18939Ben DoddsDemesne and tithe : peasant agriculture in the late middle ages / The Agricultural History Review, 56 : Part II2008E/66.3
28017Ref - 18939Harry KitsikopoulosManorial estates as business firms : the relevance of economic rent in determing crop choices in London hinterland, circa 1300 / The Agricultural History Review, 56 : Part II2008E/66.3
28018Ref - 18939Carin MartiinMilk as payment for farm labour : the dairy economy of a Swedish estate, 1874-1013 / The Agricultural Review, 56 : Part II2008E/66.3
28019Ref - 18872Ron MartinBrickwork of Tower Mills / Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, 1392008B/24.2
28020Ref - 18872David JonesGrain cleaners / The Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, 1392008B/24.2
28021Ref - 18872Michael HarversonMillers at Rottingdean windmill / The Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, 1392008B/24.2
28022Ref - 18938Alan HallThe archaeological evidence for the route of Stane Street from Mickleham Downs to London Road, Ewell / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 942008E/61.6
28023Ref - 18934Ian PritchettNew build using lime / The Journal of the Lime Buildings Forum, 152008B/05.7
28024Ref - 18934Adel El-Turkia, Richard J Ball et alEffects of additives in lime-based mortar and paste / The Journal of the Building Limes Forum, 152008B/05.7
28025Ref - 18937Danae TankardGraffham and Woolavington potters, tile-makers and brickmakers, c. 1590-1740 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1462008B/05.3
28026Ref - 18937June A SheppardBrighton's railway district in the mid-nineteenth century / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1462008E/35.6
28027Ref - 10344Philip BrookFrom The Winchester Pipe Rolls / DBRG News, 391985 / 1E/64
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