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27377Ref - 18458Stephen KennedyReparing old stonework : with the materials already delivered and paid for, why not use them / Fine Homebuilding, February/Marc h : 441988B/10.4
27378Ref - 18458George NashFrom eyesore to asset : after years of abuse and neglect, a Vermont barn is returned to useful life / Fine Homebuilding, February/Marc h : 441988B/10.2
27379Ref - 18461Christopher HydeA hip-roofed timber frame : Maine builders erect a classic sea captain's house on an island / Fine Homebuilder, June/July : 471988B/05.2
27380Ref - 18462Peter LauritzenVictorian log studio : basic carpentry techniques shape a unique work place / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 481988B/05.2
27381Ref - 18463Kevin IretonSaving the Old Daggett Place : every inch was either repaired, rebuilt or replaced / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 491988B/10
27382Ref - 18463Joseph KenlanGuidelines for laying stone walls master the basics and gravity will do the rest / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 491988B/04.4
27383Ref - 18466Eric Rekdahl and Joe WilkinsonTudor timber frame in this remodelled house only the bricks remain the same / Fine Homebuilding, Spring : 521989B/05.2
27384Ref - 18467Kevin AndersonA history of brick manufacturing they still make them as they used to, but they have refined a few of the steps / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 531989B/04.3
27385Ref - 18467George NashReplacing rotted sills / Fine Homebuilding., April/May : 531989B/10
27386Ref - 18468Don PriceCobblestone Cottage / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 541989B/05
27387Ref - 18470Peter KingMaking tiles by hand : a ceramic antidote for the machine age / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 561989B/04.3
27388Ref - 18470Ann Abernathy and Len FierohRestoring Wright's oak park home : exquisite details are brought back to Life with sensitive surgery / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 561989B/10
27389Ref - 18471Don DunkleyFraming a bay window with irregular hips How one carpenter calculates the tough cuts / Fine Homebuilding, January : 571990B/05.72
27390Ref - 18472Dan RockhillSpirit levels : a variety of tools to help you make it true / Fine Homebuilding, March : 581990B/05.8
27391Ref - 18473John BirchardA big barn at Big River : keeping costs under control in a house that is home to man and beast alike / Fine Homebuilding, Spring : 591990B/05.2
27392Ref - 18473Richard FearnBackyard Edwardian : an infill cottage inspired by Vancouver's architectural heritage / Fine Homebuilding, Spring : 591990B/10
27394Ref - 18473Gerry CopelandBudget bungalow : an energy-efficient house sits behind fanciful columns and carved rafter rails / Fine Homebuilding, Spring : 591990B/05.2
27395Ref - 18475Stephen SmulskiPreservative-treated wood : lumber that can last a Lifetime. / Fine Home building, November : 631990B/04.2
27396Ref - 18475Steven SprattMatching existing brickwork : perseverance solves a remodeling history / Fine Homebuilding, November : 631990B/04.3
27397Ref - 18476Tom LawWood miter boxes : a traditional approach to cutting corners / Fine Homebuilding, March : 651991B/05.2
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