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2736218510Fanny Fay-SalloisA treasury of hours : selection from illuminated prayer books2005E/65.4Fay-Sa
2736318511Introduction by James ThorpeBook of hours2004E/65.4Thorpe
2736418512Janet BackhouseMedieval rural Life in the Luttrell Psalter2000E/65.4Backho
27366Ref - 18450Edwin ZurawskiFraming With Trigonometry. Getting to know your scientific calculator will make many construction problems easier / Zurawski E, December/January : 361986/7B/05.2
27367Ref - 18451Mark FeirerThe best little stone business near Houston : cutting and carving limestone for residential architecture, February/March : 371987B/05.4
27368Ref - 18453Jonathan von RansomStoneoak : Massachusetts homesteaders build a cottage of rock and timber / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 391987B/05
27370Ref - 18453Bonnie CullenCurved roof bungalow : boatbuilders and carpenters conspire to make wood bend / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 391987B/05.2
27371Ref - 18453John LivelyIsland City Woodworks : a Galveston craftsman restores old tools as well as houses / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 391987B/10.2
27372Ref - 18454Jeff ArvinEarthquake-country timber frame : satisfying the building code and tradional sensibilities / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 401987B/05.2
27373Ref - 18454Alex WadeJohn Winnie restored : burnt to bare walls a historic stone house gets a new life / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 401987B/10
27375Ref - 18454Edward AllenThe engineered nail : ten steps to secure connections, June/July : 401987B/05.8
27376Ref - 18456Jack SobonCruck house : an early timber-frame technique relies on curved tree trunks / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 421987B/05.2
27377Ref - 18458Stephen KennedyReparing old stonework : with the materials already delivered and paid for, why not use them / Fine Homebuilding, February/Marc h : 441988B/10.4
27378Ref - 18458George NashFrom eyesore to asset : after years of abuse and neglect, a Vermont barn is returned to useful life / Fine Homebuilding, February/Marc h : 441988B/10.2
27379Ref - 18461Christopher HydeA hip-roofed timber frame : Maine builders erect a classic sea captain's house on an island / Fine Homebuilder, June/July : 471988B/05.2
27380Ref - 18462Peter LauritzenVictorian log studio : basic carpentry techniques shape a unique work place / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 481988B/05.2
27381Ref - 18463Kevin IretonSaving the Old Daggett Place : every inch was either repaired, rebuilt or replaced / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 491988B/10
27382Ref - 18463Joseph KenlanGuidelines for laying stone walls master the basics and gravity will do the rest / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 491988B/05.4
27383Ref - 18466Eric Rekdahl and Joe WilkinsonTudor timber frame in this remodelled house only the bricks remain the same / Fine Homebuilding, Spring : 521989B/05.2
27384Ref - 18467Kevin AndersonA history of brick manufacturing they still make them as they used to, but they have refined a few of the steps / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 531989B/05.3
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