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2705018322Kenneth P OakleyMan the toolmaker1956E/61.1Oakley
2705118323The National TrustVillages : a National Trust booklet1978E/66.3Nation
2705218324Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : London Volume One : The Cities of London and Westminster1957B/01Pevsne
2705318325Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England except the cities of London and Westminster1952B/01Pevsne
2705418326Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : North East Norfolk and Norwich1962B/01Pevsne
2705518327Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : Cambridgeshire1954B/01Pevsne
2705618328Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : Derbyshire1953B/01Pevsne
2705718329Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : Shropshire1958B/01Pevsne
2705818330Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : Essex1954B/01Pevsne
2705918331Nikolaus PevsnerThe buildings of England : North West and South Norfolk1962B/01Pevsne
2706018332Walter GropiusThe new architecture and the Bauhaus1935B/01.0Gropiu
2706218334Edwin CourseThe Itchen Navigation1967E/35.2Course
2706318335H T DawesThe windmills and millers of Brighton1988B/24.2Sussex
2706518337William MuschenheimElements of the art of architecture1965B/01.0Musche
2706618338edited by Gerd HatjeEncyclopaedia of modern architecture1963B/01.0Hatje,
2706718339Norman ScarfeA Shell guide : Suffolk1976E/15Suffol
2706818340G H CookMedieval chantries and chantry chapels1947B/26Cook,
2706918341J L and B HammondThe village labourer 1760-1832 : a study in the government of England before the Reform Bill1927E/66.3Hammon
2707018342Walter H GodfreyThe story of architecture in England - Part 2: from Tudor times to the end of the Georgian period1931B/01.0Godfre
2707218343Walter H GodfreyThe story of architecture in England - Part 1: from Roman times to the Reformation1928B/01.0Godfre
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