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21021094C G DobsonSome historical notes on the Langley Museum of ancient, curious or otherwise interesting roofing materials and on the development of the pitched roof \\ 1960B/05.62Dobson
21031446Edward Dobson and John Parnell AllenRudiments of the art of building1901B/05.0Dobson
210413887Forest Products Research LaboratoryDiffusion treatment of building timberB/10.2Forest
210515529Forest Products Research LaboratoryTimber engineeringB/10.2Forest
210615530Forest Products Research LaboratoryDetection of cellulose breakdown by fungi in cultureB/10.2Forest
210713886Forest Products Research LaboratoryField trials to evaluate the preservative treatment of timber used out-of-doorsB/10.2Forest
210813878Forest Products Research LaboratoryThe common furniture beetle1969B/10.2Forest
210913879Forest Products Research LaboratoryLyctus powder-post beetles1963B/10.2Forest
211015528Forest Products Research LaboratorySmoke treatments for use against wood-boring insectsB/10.2Forest
211115532Forest Products Research LaboratoryMechanical stress gradingB/10.2Forest
21128113B J RendleThe growth & structure of wood1937B/05.2Forest
21138111C J Chaplin and E H NevardStrength tests of structural timber. Part 3 : development of safe loads & stresses, with data on Baltic Redwood and Eastern Canadian Spruce1937B/05.2Forest
21148105Forest Products Research LaboratoryMethods of bending wood by hand1938B/05.2Forest
21158114B J RendleCommercial mahoganies and allied timbers1938B/05.2Forest
21168110C J Chaplin and E H NevardStrength tests of structural timber. Part 2 : general procedure of selecting and testing joists, with data on British Columbian Douglas Fir1936B/05.2Forest
21178103Forest Products Research LaboratoryA handbook of home-grown timbers1941B/05.2Forest
21188109W W BarkasSwelling stresses in gels and the calculation of the elastic constants of gels from their hygroscopic properties1945B/05.2Forest
21198116K St G Cartwright and W P K FindlayDry rot in wood1945B/10.2Cartwr
21208108P HarrisA handbook of woodcutting1946B/05.2Harris
21218102N A RichardsonWood preservatives1946B/10.2Richar
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