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2673718036LocalA plan for the study of local history1949E/63Local
2673818037LocalThe compilation of county bibliograpies1948E/63Local
2673918038LocalA selection of books on English local history1949E/63Local
2674018039LocalA directory of authorities and organizations ( for the assistance of local historians)1950E/63Local
2674118040LocalNotes on the recording of local history1950E/63Local
2674218041LocalLocal history exhibitions (how to plan and present them)1951E/63Local
2674318042LocalHow to write a parish guide1951E/63Local
2674418043LocalDiscovering the past1951E/63Local
2674618044David and Barbara MartinReport : a survey of Courtney & Pound Cottages , MayfieldB/05.2Martin
2674718045Kent/Sevenoaks/Long BarnLong Barn, Weald, Sevenoaks, KentE/15Kent/S
2674818046Jeremy LoweWelsh industrial workers housing 1775-18751985B/22Wales/
2674918047Norman DaveyBuilding stones of England and Wales1976B/04.4Davey,
2675018048Antony Dale, James S GrayBrighton : old and new1976E/15Sussex
2675118049LocalA handlist of medieval ecclesiastical terms1952E/63Local
2675218050J Charles Cox et alSurrey1935E/15Surrey
2675318051J Hope UrwinAn introduction to the study of the woodwork in old English churches1937B/06.8Urwin,
2675418052K EsdaileMonuments in English churches1937B/26Esdail
2675518053F Sydney EdenAncient stained and painted glass in London1939B/26Eden,
2675618054Peter SmithHouses of the Welsh countryside : a study in historical geography1975B/22Wales/
2675718055John McDonaldModern housing1931B/01.4McDona
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