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27270Ref - 18418Louis S DiGaetano and Kathleen HaughRe-building a fire-damaged house / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 41981B/10
27271Ref - 18418Edward M LevinTools for timber framing : a housewright's implements, and how he keeps them sharp / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 41981B/05.2
27272Ref - 18418Roger AllenCapping a foundation : one man's method for raising wood sills built too close to the ground / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 41981B/05.2
27273Ref - 18418Joseph KitchelRenovating a chimney : new flue liners convert fire places for woodstove use / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 41981B/06.2
27275Ref - 18419Tim SnyderMoving a house : skill, experience and hard work give new life to an old home / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 51981B/10
27276Ref - 18419Daniel A LevyBow-Cot and the Honeymoon Cottage : two experimental stone houses by New York architect Ernest Slagg / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 51981B/05.4
27277Ref - 18419Sarah LathamRestoring brownstone facades : techniques for repairing and replacing 19th century structural elements / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 51981B/10.4
27278Ref - 18419Myrtle StedmanAgeless adobe : a 'passive solar' house of molded mud / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 51981B/05.5
27279Ref - 18419Mark WhiteTruss frame construction : a simple construction method especially suited to the owner-builder / Fine Homebuilding, October/November : 51981B/05.2
27281Ref - 18420Dan DesmondTrouble spots in 19th-century framing : old-time workmanship wasn't always what it's cracked up to be / Fine Homebuilding, December/January : 61981/2B/10.2
27282Ref - 18420Roger SchroederRhode Island stone-ender : a 17th-century style house built under the practiced eye of a sculptor / Fine Homebuilding., December/January : 61981/2B/05.4
27283Ref - 18421Ed LevinSizing roughsawn joists and beams : methods and formulas for engineering your own timber frame / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 71982B/05.2
27284Ref - 18421Bruce GordonBatten doors : building a solid door from common lumber / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 71982B/06.3
27285Ref - 18421Paul HankeWorking with green wood : getting the most out of unseasoned native lumber sawn at a local mill. / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 71982B/05.2
27286Ref - 18421Paul FugeBuying green lumber / Fine Homebuilding., February/March : 71982B/05.2
27287Ref - 18422Trey LoyRaising heavy timber : tools and tips for manoeuvering big beams / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 81982B/05.2
27290Ref - 18422Jared EmeryHanging an exterior door : from framing the rough opening to mortising for hinges, April/May : 81982B/05.2
27293Ref - 18423Albert TreadwellToenailing / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 91982B/05.2
27295Ref - 18424Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein and Barbara WinslowChoosing the right roof : how the roof's shape influences the spaces below / Fine Homebuilding, 101982B/05.61
27296Ref - 18424Mark SongeyTimbers and templates : an unconventional router bit and particleboard templates make shallow mortising fast and accurate / Fine Homebuilding, August/September : 101982B/05.2
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