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2713918401John F PotterA review of some early West Sussex churches / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1452007B/26Sussex
2714018402Nat Alcock and Cary CarsonWest Country farms : house-and-estate surveys, 1598-17642007B/29Alcock
2714318404Seamus Hanna and Martin StancliffeSouthwell Minster Chapter House : investigations into causes of deterioration & approach to long-term preservation / Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings, 262001B/10.4Hanna,
2714418405Peter MinterTraditional brick-making at Bulmer, Suffolk / ASCHB Transactions, 262001B/05.3Minter
27160Ref - 18395Laws and regulations passed at a general meeting of the Horse Nail Makers held at Belper, May 17th, 1873 / TATHS, Winter : 992007E/33.34
27161Ref - 18398Edward RobertsW.G. Hoskins's "Great Rebuilding" and dendrochronology in Hampshire / Vernacular Architecture, 382007B/03.31
27162Ref - 18398Laurie SmithA three-dimensional, timber-framed encyclopaedia of geometrical carpentry design / Vernacular Architecture, 382007E/33.27
27163Ref - 18398John McCannMaterials and construction : clay-walled houses in Norfolk : some comments / Vernacular Architecture, 382007B/05.5
2716418412Randal PhillipsHouses for moderate means1959B/22Philli
27258Ref - 18415Joseph KitchelStaircase renovation : dirty, disruptive but not impossible / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 11981B/06.5
27259Ref - 18415Ross KirkSolo timber-raising : a tractor, industry and common sense are all it takes / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 11981B/05.2
27260Ref - 18415Sam ClarkOn-site shop : a portable saw and jointer plus several useful jigs / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 11981E/33.27
27261Ref - 18415John TodaroMolding and casting materials : twelve useful materials for reproducing architectural ornaments / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 11981B/10
27262Ref - 18415Max Jacobson and Murray SilversteinPeaking over a flat roof : analyzing new loads on an old structure / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 11981B/05.2
27263Ref - 18416Roy F ColeRestoring a porch : a fast, inexpensive method / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 21981B/10
27264Ref - 18416Alasdair G B WallaceRound-log construction : precision fitting with the chainsaw.. / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 21981B/05.2
27265Ref - 18416Richard T KrehThe point of repointing : renewing tired masonry joints / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 21981B/05.3
27266Ref - 18416Bruce AndrewsTable-saw molding : the secret is in the order of the cuts / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 21981B/05.2
27267Ref - 18417Richard MacMathForm-based stone masonry : a method for constructing cast-in-place stone walls / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 31981B/05.4
27269Ref - 18417Jud PeakeOn-site carpentry with a circular saw : cutting in place saves time and trouble / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 31981E/33.2
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