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2652517818G M TrevelyanIllustrated English social History : 31964E/66.7Trevel
2652617819G M TrevelyanIllustrated English social history : 41964E/66.7Trevel
2652817820J T SmithThe evolution of the English peasant house to the late 17th century : the evidence of buildings / Journal of the British Archaeological Association 3rd series, 331970B/22Smith,
2652917821R A CordingleyBritish historical roof-types and their members : a classification / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 91961B/05.61Cordin
2653017822H J DyosVictorian suburb : a study of the growth of Camberwell1973E/15London
2653117823Alan JacksonSemi-detached London : suburban development, life and transport, 1900-391973E/65.7Jackso
2653217824Peter FisterArhitektura Slovenskih Protiturskih Taborov1975B/09Fister
2653317825edited by F R S YorkeSpecification 1959 : the standard reference book for architects, surveyors and municipal engineers. 60th year.1959B/00.1Yorke,
2653417826edited by Ian Longworth and John CherryArchaeology in Britain since 1945 : new directions1986E/61.0Longwo
2653617828Graziano Gasparini & Luise MargoliesInca architecture1980B/21Gaspar
2653717829Graziano Gasparini and Luise MaroliesArquitectura Inka1977E/61.0Gaspar
2653817830A H BurgessHops : botany, cultivation, and utilization1964E/17.48Burges
2653917831James AyresThe Shell book of the home in Britain : decoration, design and construction of vernacular interiors, 1500-18501981B/06.0Ayres,
2654017832H B CreswellThe Honeywood File : The Honeywood Settlement : an adventure in building1980B/02Creswe
2654117833Kaj Blegvad AndersenAfrican traditional architecture: a study of the housing and settlement patterns of rural Kenya1977B/01.2Anders
2654217834Marcus WhiffenThe eighteenth-century houses of Williamsburg : a study of architecture and building in the colonial capital of Virginia1960B/22USA/Wh
2654317835Michael DamesThe Silbury treasure : the great goddess rediscovered1976E/62.2Dames,
2654417836Roger HartEnglish life in Chaucer's day1973E/72Hart,
2654517837Michael Fowler and Michael van de VoortThe New Zealand house1983B/22New Ze
2654617838John SchofieldThe building of London from the conquest to the great fire1984E/15London
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