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2655417845Henry J KauffmanThe American farmhouse1975B/23.1Kauffm
2655517846Val HorslerLiving the past2003E/72Horsle
2655617847Wolfgang KornThe traditional architecture of the Kathmandu Valley1977B/01.3Korn
2655717848Gabrielle van ZuylenTouts les jardins de Monde1994B/08.1van Zu
2655817849Emlyn ThomasGeorgian Chichester : cathedral life, the dissenting city, social welfare and the city governors : II2001E/15Sussex
2655917850Jeremy ThomasThe rhythm of the tide : tales through the ages of Chichester Harbour1999E/35.4Thomas
2656117851Claude CulpinFarm machinery1960E/36.8Culpin
2656217852G Eric MitchellSanitation drainage and water supply1947E/32.2Mitche
2656317853Vizgol OilFarm tractors : the history of their development with notes on their proper maintenanceE/17.1Vizgol
2656417854Antony G Searle and James W TuckThe King's flax and the Queen's linen1998E/33.52Searle
2656717856Michael Greenhill and Evelyn DunbarA book of farm craft1941E/17.1Greenh
2656817857Peter BrearsAll the King's cooks : the Tudor kitchens of King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace1999E/72.5Brears
2656917858Alison SimFood and feast in Tudor England1997E/72.5Sim, A
2657017859Alison SimThe Tudor housewife1998E/72Sim, A
2657117860Ken Hawley and Dennis WattsWooden spokeshaves2007E/33.23Hawley
2657217861W FreamElements of Agriculture : a text-book prepared under the authority of the Royal Agricultural Society of England1892E/17.3Fream,
2657317862S H AdamsModern sewage disposal and hygienics1930E/32.4Adams,
2657417863Norman BarronDairy farmer's veterinary book1965E/17.32Barron
2657517864edited by Miles LewisThe Victorian barn : sources and prototypes2007B/23.2Lewis,
2657617865Thomas Gordon WillisRecords of Chichester : some glimpses of its past and of the neighbourhood1928E/15Sussex
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