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259879217P S Barnwell and Colum GilesEnglish farmsteads, 1750-19141997B/23Barnwe
2598814441Timber Framer's Guild of North AmericaTimber frame joinery & design workbook2001B/05.2Timber
2598916199C M EllisA gazetteer of the water, wind and tide mills of Hampshire / The Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club, XXV1968B/24.1Hampsh
2599116208E W HoldenThe excavation of a motte at Lodsbridge Mill at Lodsworth / Sussex Archaeological Society, 1051967E/61.8Holden
2599216209F W Gregory and David MartinWatermills/Park Mill, Bateman's Burwash / Recologea Papers : Journal of the Robertsbridge and District Archaeological Society, 3 No. 3B/24.3Sussex
2600616233Rex WailesSuffolk watermills / Transactions of the Newcomen Society, XXXVII1964/5B/24.3East A
2600716234Joseph Addison and Rex WailesAddendum to Dorset Water Mills / Transactions of the Newcomen Society, XXXVI1963-1964B/24.3Dorset
2600816235Joseph Addison and Rex WailesDorset watermills / Transactions of the Newcomen Society, XXXV1962-1963B/24.3Dorset
2600916236J Harold NorrisThe water-powered corn mills of Cheshire / Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, 75 and 76 - 1965-19661969B/24.3Norris
2601016243N G CalvertWatermills in the Levadas of Madeira / Industrial Archaeology Review, 3 No. 1 Autumn 19781978E/30Calver
2601116247Jane Penoyre et alTraditional houses of Somerset2005B/20Wessex
26023Ref - 16219Caroline StanfordCelebrating 40 years of the Landmark Trust : access and conservation co-exist in the Trust's novel approach to the rescue and preservation of remarka\\ / Conservation News, July : 972005B/09
26024Ref - 16215Thom ThackerResponding to restoration : what to do when visitors are not welcome in your house / ALHFAM, 36 : 22006M/03
26025Ref - 16215Sarah BentThe rooms were empty. The attic was full / ALHFAM, 36 : 22006M/03
26032Ref - 16258Nina BakerWomen nailmakers in 19th century Scotland / TATHS, Summer : 932006E/33.34
26035Ref - 16260K R Fairclough and Glenys CrockerChilworth gunpowder mills in the period of the Dutch wars / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 922005E/36.7
26039Ref - 16263David OdgersA conservator's role : personal passion and public perception / ICON News, January : 22006B/09
26041Ref - 16264Kate FrameConservators on camera / ICON News, March : 32006B/09
26044Ref - 16266Gail Gali Beiner and Ticca M A OgilvieThermal methods of pest eradication : their effect on museum objects / The Conservator, 292005/6B/09
26045Ref - 16266William LindsayTime perspectives : what "The Future" means to museum professionals in collections-care / The Conservator, 292005/6M/03
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