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2657417863Norman BarronDairy farmer's veterinary book1965E/17.32Barron
2657517864edited by Miles LewisThe Victorian barn : sources and prototypes2007B/23.2Lewis,
2657617865Thomas Gordon WillisRecords of Chichester : some glimpses of its past and of the neighbourhood1928E/15Sussex
2657817866Francis W SteerSome Chichester tradesmen 1652 -18391960E/15Sussex
2657917867TooveysTooveys : The Polly de Courcy-Ireland Treen Collection2006E/72Toovey
2658017868A R PowysRepair of ancient buildings1981B/10Powys,
2658117869InformRepointing of rubble stonework2007B/05.4Inform
2658217870InformThe maintenance of iron gates and railings2007B/08.3Inform
2658417871InformGuilding techniques : care and maintenance2007B/05.9Inform
2658517872Roger Curtis et alInterior paint : a guide to internal paint finishes2007B/07.4Inform
2658617873InformCleaning sandstone : risks and consequences2007B/05.4Inform
2658717874InformThe maintenance of cast iron rainwater goods2007B/05.9Inform
2658817875BradfordDiscovering Bradford StreetE/15Essex/
2658917876Emlyn ThomasGeorgian Chichester : III2001E/15Sussex
2659017877Alfred Charles BeatonQuantities and measurements : how to calculate and take them in bricklayers', masons', plasterers', plumbers', painters', paper-hangers', gilders', sm\\ 1897B/03.1Beaton
2659117878HMSOBoard of Agriculture and Fisheries Leaflets Nos 101-2001919E/17.1HMSO
2659217879HMSOBoard of Agriculture and Fisheries Leaflets Nos 1-1001919E/17.1HMSO
2659317880HMSOBoard of Agriculture and Fisheries Leaflets Nos 201-3001919E/17.1HMSO
2659417881J CordeMachinery for the manufacture of nails AD 1383 : Cordes' specification2006E/33.34Corde,
2659517882Fiona Bush, Patricia Chisholm and Robert IrvingDrop-log walling in eastern Australia : a pilot study1983B/05.2Bush,
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