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2620816662S R HughesThe Industrial Archaeology of the Montogomeryshire Canal / Montgomeryshire Collections, 691981E/30Hughes
2623716655Henk VoornThe last wind-driven paper mill in the Netherlands : the schoolmaster / The Paper Maker Volume 31 1962 No. 1, 31 No. 11962B/24.72Voorn,
2623816663Henk VoornOn the invention of the Hollander Beater / The Paper Maker, 25 No. 2.1956B/24.72Voorn,
2624116727J S P BucklandTechnical notes on 16th and 17th century London windmills / Transactions of the Newcomen Society, 601989B/24.2Buckla
2624216724Ernest GodfreyThe trials of wind pumping engines at Park Royal 1903 / Journal of Royal Agricultural Society of England, 641903B/24.6Godfre
26246Ref - 16742William LawOur windmills / Brighton and Hove Archaeologist, 21924B/24.2
2630517177edited by Barbara GlaisyerSussex history : 2 No. 21981E/66Glaisy
26307Ref - 17255A H ShorterPaper-mills in Hampshire / Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, XVIII : Part 11953B/24.72
26310Ref - 17335Peter Drewett et alRescue archaeology in Sussex 1975 / Bulletin No 13 Institute of Archaeology1976E/61
26311Ref - 17336Peter Drewett et alRescue archaeology in Sussex, 1978 : fifth progress report on the Sussex Archaeological Field Unit / Bulletin Institute of Archaeology No 161979E/61
26312Ref - 17337Peter DrewettRescue archaeology in Sussex 1979 : a sixth progress report on the Sussex Archaeological Field Unit / Bulletin No 17 Institute of ArchaeologyE/61
2631317338Peter J ReynoldsSlash and burn experiment (Butser Ancient Farm) / The Archaeological Journal, 1341977E/33.10Reynol
2631617414Jean DavisStraw plait1981E/33.55Davis,
2631717415Arthur PeckThe Morris dances of England1959E/79.3Peck,
2632017533Department of the Environment et alNew life for old buildings1971B/10.0Depart
2632317599Denis HarveyThe gypsies wagon-time and after1979E/66.7Harvey
2632417600Jean-Paul ClebertThe gypsies1963E/66.7Cleber
2632517601C H Ward-Jackson and Denis HarveyThe English gypsy caravan : its origins, builders, technology and conservation1972E/33.25Ward-J
2634417651Bernard M FeildenConservation of historic building : technical studies in the arts, archaeology and architecture1982B/10Feilde
2634517652John HarveyConservation of buildings1972B/05Harvey
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