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26025Ref - 16215Sarah BentThe rooms were empty. The attic was full / ALHFAM, 36 : 22006M/03
26032Ref - 16258Nina BakerWomen nailmakers in 19th century Scotland / TATHS, Summer : 932006E/33.34
26035Ref - 16260K R Fairclough and Glenys CrockerChilworth gunpowder mills in the period of the Dutch wars / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 922005E/36.7
26039Ref - 16263David OdgersA conservator's role : personal passion and public perception / ICON News, January : 22006B/10
26041Ref - 16264Kate FrameConservators on camera / ICON News, March : 32006B/10
26044Ref - 16266Gail Gali Beiner and Ticca M A OgilvieThermal methods of pest eradication : their effect on museum objects / The Conservator, 292005/6M/03
26045Ref - 16266William LindsayTime perspectives : what "The Future" means to museum professionals in collections-care / The Conservator, 292005/6M/03
26047Ref - 16267John WebbConservation of twentieth century buildings conference : recalling the spirit of optimistic innovation / Context, 942006B/10
26048Ref - 16267Brian MortonSupporting columns : the impossible takes a little longer / Context, 942006B/05.3
26049Ref - 16267Anna MacPherson and Mike BrownConservation area character appraisals, management proposals, BV219 and local development frameworks / Context, 942006B/10
26053Ref - 16270Alan M ForsterPromoting a healthy building : the use of lime-based materials and the characteristics of lime mortars / Building Conservation Journal, 392005B/10.6
26056Ref - 16272Nigel CopseyIn the vernacular : a plea on behalf of often ignored "Little Buildings" / Building Conservation Journal, 412006B/10
26061Ref - 16273Jan AmbroseConservation matters : a conference on the structure and fabric of buildings / Building Conservation Journal, Spring/Summer : 422006B/10
26062Ref - 16273Jim HumberstoneHands on in conservation : brick making returns to south Hampshire / Building Conservation, Spring/Summer : 422006B/10.3
26067Ref - 16277David G JonesThe British Syphon Company Ltd. Hampden Park, Eastbourne / Sussex Industrial History, 362006E/37
26069Ref - 16277Brian AustenTurnpike roads to Arundel, Worthing and Littlehampton / Sussex Industrial History, 362006E/35.1
26070Ref - 16277Peter HolthamBrewers of East Sussex / Sussex Industrial History, 362006E/37
26071Ref - 16277John BlackwellThe lamp posts of Ditchling / Sussex Industrial History, 362006E/35.1
26073Ref - 16278Susan McLellan PlaistedTorts, tarts and pies : baking through the centuries / ALHFAM, 282006E/72
26078Ref - 16282David H KennettReview Article : early medieval brickwork in Europe, including Britain / British Brick Society Information 100, May2006B/05.3
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