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25730Ref - 15914Bob Edwards and Jeremy LakeHistoric farmsteads in Hampshire : a pilot project / Historic Farm Buildings Group Review, Winter : 22005E/17
25763Ref - 11064Mary Miley TheobaldSampling 18th-century fare at Shields Tavern / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XV : 21992/93E/72
25770Ref - 11063Harold B GillDoctoring the diseases of Virginia : champion of the tomato, for 36 years John de Sequera chronicled the health of colonists / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XV : 11993E/73
25780Ref - 7562Bill WeldonThe arts and mysteries of the colonial brickmaker : a "brickyard summer" rediscovering the skills of an ancient craft / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XII : 41990B/05.3
25783Ref - 7231Luis MardenThe craft of the cooper : rundlets, firkins, pipes, and tuns / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XII : 21989/90E/33.2
25785Ref - 7171Jon A SassWindmills in early America : along windswept coasts turned giant sails of "ships on land", grinding grain for the colonists / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XII : 11989B/24.2
25790Ref - 11061Rosemary BrandauA taste of the past : sipping syllabub, sampling Virginia ham and hominy evoke 18th-century foodways / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, IX : 41987E/72
25795Ref - 14402John O SandsMeasure for measure / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXIV : 22002E/71.8
25798Ref - 13143Edward R CrewsOhs and Ahs, Ps and Qs : the art and mystery of the printing office / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXIII : 32001E/37
25800Ref - 12852Ronald BaileyA surveyor for the king / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXIII : 22001B/03.1
25802Ref - 12695Brett CharbeneauCursing the darkness : lighting and its effects on Virginia's tradesmen / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXIII : 1 Spring2001E/72
25806Ref - 12428D A SagutoFootprints on the past : tracking the first English-American shoemakers / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXII : 22000E/74
25811Ref - 12548Andrew BarryBrickwork at the Peyton Randolph Complex : hands-on research molds brick trades expertise / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXI : 61999/2000B/05.3
25812Ref - 12548W Barksdale MaynardIf walls could talk : Williamsburg's historic brickwork : the careful study of Restoration architects revealed the secrets of a structural decorative \\ / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXI : 61999/2000B/05.3
25814Ref - 12548Ed CrewsThe blacksmiths' ballet : "a dance that must be graceful and well choreographed" / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXI : 61999/2000E/33.32
25817Ref - 11077Michael OlmertIcehouse mania : Antiguity's refrigerator imparted "fresh coolness to the royal cup" and graced plantation tables with frozen desserts / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXI : 21999B/08.8
25820Ref - 11075Edwards ParkThe Wright Way to Make a Wheel: Ron Vinyard and three journeymen employ ancient skills to keep 'em rolling / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XX : 11997E/33.23
25824Ref - 11073Edward ChappellJohn Perry and Williamsburg's wallpaper / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XVIII : 21995/6B/07.4
25827Ref - 11071Michael OlmertTools at an Exhibition. Works of art? Not likely. They are about sweat equity, "have dirt under their fingernails". / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XVII : 21994/5B/05.8
25851Ref - 20616Jay GaynorMr. Hewlett's tool chest. Part I / Chronicle of the Early American Industries AssociationThe Chronicle of the Early American Industries association, 38 : 41985B/05.8
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