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25497Ref - 15848Sheila Millard and Edward RobertsHistoric Buildings : The 'Pest House' at Odiham / Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 442005E/27.4
25498Ref - 15848Mark Taylor and David HillArchaeology : the Roman Glass Furnace Project / Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 442005E/33.8
25499Ref - 15850John GleesonA point in question / Building Conservation Journal, 332003B/10.0
25500Ref - 15849Ross Dallas and Andrew MorrisLaser scanning : the potential for historic buildings / Building Conservation Journal, Summer2002B/09
25501Ref - 15849Tanya SpilsburyBuildings at risk : conservation and urban regeneration / Building Conservation Journal, Summer2002B/09
25502Ref - 15851Jan AmbroseStill standing after 300 years / Building Conservation Journal, 352004B/10
25503Ref - 15851Marshal PetersSubmit a good argument 2004B/09
25504Ref - 15851Old folly made good / Building Conservation Journal, 352004B/04.6
25505Ref - 15852Jim HumberstoneExample of a structural defect or failure / Building Conservation Journal, 372004B/10
25506Ref - 15852Geoffrey SharpeDealing with an old problem / Building Conservation Journal, 372004B/10
25507Ref - 15817Barry KnightDust in historic houses : conservation and management / Conservation Bulletin, Spring : 452004B/09
25508Ref - 15817Bill MartinStone testing for historic building repair : Truro Cathedral, Cornwall / Conservation Bulletin, Spring : 452004B/10.4
25509Ref - 15817Robert GowingInvestigating wall paintings : seeing is believing / Conservation bulletin, Spring : 452004B/07.4
25510Ref - 15817John FidlerStone consolidants : inorganic treatments / Conservation Bulletin, Spring : 452004B/10
25511Ref - 15817Brian RidoutDamp damage in stone : an assessment of the columns at St. John the Baptist, Pinner / Conservation Bulletin, Spring : 452004B/10
25512Ref - 15817Chris WoodRain damage to masonry : wall cappings and towers / Conservation Bulletin, Spring : 452004B/10
25513Ref - 15815Jeremy Lake and Stephen TrowHistoric farmsteads : new approaches / Conservation Bulletin, Winter : 472004/5B/23
25514Ref - 15815Jo ClarkHistoric landscape characterisation : a national programme / Conservation Bulletin, Winter : 472004/5E/16
2551515854Christopher DyerMaking a living in the Middle Ages : the people of Britain 850-15202003E/65.4Dyer,
255188777W Galsworthy DavieOld cottages and Ffarmhouses in Kent and Sussex1900B/23Davie,
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