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25190Ref - 15710Derek JanesInterpretation : outreach / Social history in museums : a handbook for professionals1993M/03
25191Ref - 15710Elizabeth FrostickInterpretation : education / Social history in museums : a handbook for professionals1993M/04
2519415713written and compiled by David and Barbara MartinNew Winchelsea Sussex : a medieval port town2004E/15Sussex
2519515714Charles Abdy et alEwell : A Surrey village that became a town2004E/15Surrey
2522115733Rachel Hellier and Stephen MoorhouseMedieval dairying?E/72.5Hellie
2522715737Margo TeasdaleEarth structures : a strategy for sustainable managementB/04.5Teasda
252321474C H Knight and R MurdochLead sheet in building : a guide to good practice1978B/05.9Knight
2523515380Annie ArnoultLa grande histoire des scieurs de long Volume 2 : Volume 22001B/04.2Arnoul
2523915740Michael ZellIndustry in the countryside : Wealden society in the sixteenth century : 222004E/33.0Zell,
2524015741Nicholas CooperHouses of the gentry 1480-16801999B/22Cooper
2524215742Museums Libraries ArchiveAcceptance in lieu report 2003/042004M/03MLA
2524415744John Letts et alSmoke blackened thatch : a unique source of late-medieval plant remains from Southern England1999B/04.72Letts,
2524515745Tunstall Small and Christopher WoodbridgeMouldings of the Tudor period : a portfolio of full size sectionsB/06Small,
25246Ref - 15737Margo TeasdaleCob-walling characteristics / Earth Structures : A strategy for sustainable managementB/04.5
25247Ref - 15737Margo TeasdalePractical conservation issues / Earth Structures : A strategy for sustainable managementB/09
25248Ref - 15735Anne and David BoneLavant stone : a Roman and medieval building stone in West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/04.4
25249Ref - 15735J C KirkThe early-modern carpenter and timber framing in the rural Sussex Weald / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/01.3
25250Ref - 15735Jim WilliamsLime-burning in West Sussex, and the Newbridge Wharf Limekilns, Billingshurst / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/04.6
25251Ref - 15732Laurie SmithEstablishing a Geometrical Symbol Archive / The Mortice and Tenon, Winter : 182004B/03.1
25252Ref - 15730James M GaynorThe Mark Rees Memorial Lecture 2004 ; Seventeenth- and eighteenth - century woodworking tools : the evolution of a British style / Tools & Trades, 142005B/05.8
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