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25651Ref - 14195Paul PriceHistoric layout and double cut scribe jointing / Mortice and Tenon, January : 31996B/05.2
25652Ref - 14195Drawings by Marc GuilhemjouanFrench scribe carpentry / Mortice and Tenon, January : 31996B/05.2
25653Ref - 14195Paul PriceThe Knotty Oaken Rupture Show : Tesing a 'Serlio' Floor / Mortice and Tenon, January : 31996B/05.2
25654Ref - 14196Richard HarrisLevel marks and the sequence of framing / Mortice and Tenon, July : 21995B/05.2
25655Ref - 14196Stefan King18th century carpenters' marks in south-west Germany / Mortice and Tenon, July : 21995B/05.2
25656Ref - 14196Joe Thompson and Steve TurnerThe mortice axe : an elusive tool? / Mortice and Tenon, July : 21995B/05.8
25657Ref - 14196Henry RussellSome thoughts on shrinkage and unexpected gaps / Mortice and Tenon, July : 21995B/05.2
2565915887Henry MercerThe dating of old houses : from a paper read by Dr. Henry Mercer at a meeting of the Bucks County Historical Society at New Hope, Bucks County P.A., O\\ 1923B/03.2Mercer
2566115888Lee ProsserKew Palace : restoring a Georgian royal residence / Current Archaeology, No 1962005B/10Prosse
2566215889Tony DysonThe conservation of the external fabric at Kew Palace / ASCHB Transactions, 272002-2003B/10.1Dyson,
25667Ref - 15892Peter MarshallStanding building dendrochronology : twenty five years of EH funded work / CFA News, Summer : 62003B/03.31
25668Ref - 15892Daniel Miles and Peter MarshallArabic assembly marks : carpenter's marks found in the roof timbers of Salisbury Cathedral / CFA News, Summer : 62003B/05.2
25675Ref - 15894Barbara SugiharaThatching in Gokayama / CHS News, March : 682004B/05.62
25677Ref - 15895Munidasa P RanaweeraAncient stupas in Sri Lanka : largest brick structures in the World / CHS Newsletter, December : 702004B/05.3
25680Ref - 11975Gabriel OliveEnglish West Country tables and forms / Regional Furniture, 131999E/33.28
25681Ref - 10068Janet PenningtonSussex chairs / Regional Furniture, 91995E/33.28
25682Ref - 8321Richard BebbCarved oak furniture from Tudor Wales / Regional Furniture, 61992E/33.28
25683Ref - 8321Luke MillarSome plain oak farmhouse chests from South Wales / Regional Furniture, 61992E/33.28
25684Ref - 7991Victor ChinnneryFurniture terminology in post-medieval middle-class inventories / Regional Furniture, 51991E/33.28
25685Ref - 7991Penny RumbleSome East Anglian chests / Regional Furniture, 51991E/33.28
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