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2559915878Peter FowlerFarms in England : prehistoric to present1983B/23Fowler
2560215877Christopher TaylorVillage and farmstead : a history of rural settlement in England1984E/17.1Taylor
2560515881Ward, Lock, and CoThe stonemason and the bricklayer1891B/05.0Ward,
2560615882M KaufmanThe housing of the working classes and of the poor1975E/66.2Kaufma
25611Ref - 10076Geoffrey KillenWood turning in ancient Egypt / TATHS Journal, 101997E/33.29
25612Ref - 10076Richard KnightAn important 17th century rule / TATHS Journal, 101997E/33.21
25613Ref - 15774Simon BarleySteel and saws / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 912005E/36.1
25614Ref - 15774Alan WharfNailmaking in France / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 912005E/33.34
25615Ref - 14171Alan RaistrickThe spinning wheel: a brief historical introduction; The spinning wheels of the Channel Islands; The spinning wheel in the 17th century : extracts fro\\ / TATHS Journal, 132002E/33.51
25616Ref - 14171Julanne ArnoldTools and trade practices of joiners and carpenters (as found in probated wills and inventories in the Archdeaconry of Suffolk 1600-1702) / TATHS Journal, 132002E/27
25617Ref - 12413Jennifer S Alexander (with the aid of a grant from the Salaman Foundation)Medieval masons' marks : their first appearance in England / TATHS Journal, 122000B/05.4
25621Ref - 14194Nat AlcockThe roof of Dunsoghly Castle / Mortice and Tenon, July : 132002B/05.2
25622Ref - 14194Laurie SmithGeometrical progressions : the barley barn and wheat barn at Cressing Temple, Essex / Mortice and Tenon, July : 132002B/05.2
25624Ref - 15886Joe ThompsonMusings on "the way of the Carpenter" or why be a timber frame carpenter? / Mortice and Tenon, Summer : 142004E/33.27
25625Ref - 15886Tim WaltonHundegger K2 : is it the future for oak framing? / Mortice and Tenon, Summer : 142004B/05.2
25626Ref - 15886Gordon MacDonaldRound sling warning and rigging notes / Mortice and Tenon, Summer : 142004B/05.2
25627Ref - 15886John WilliamsHandmade in Hereford - a dream realised / Mortice and Tenon, Summer : 142004B/05.2
25628Ref - 12851Rick LewisInside out framing in Suffolk / Mortice and Tenon, 112001B/05.2
25629Ref - 12851Joe ThompsonA tour of medieval Sussex Timber Works : a Carpenters' Fellowship day trip / Mortice and Tenon, 112001B/05.2
25630Ref - 12851James LovekinPurlin spline joints / Mortice and Tenon, 112001B/05.2
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