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25541Ref - 15861Pam DudeckSisters of the smoke / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 12004E/72
25542Ref - 15861Sue McLeanTeaching history through the stomach / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 12004E/72
25543Ref - 15862C J MayLive like a Celt : a journey into the stone age for school-age children / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 22004M/04
25544Ref - 15862George D ChapmanWorking with military reenactors / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 22004M/04
25545Ref - 15862Cynthia A Wood"Their Influence is Very Civilising" : interpreting the Frontier Army laundress / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 22004M/04
25546Ref - 15863George Chapman and Vickie FisherThe charge of the lighter brigade : free lancers at work / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 32004M/03
25549Ref - 15865Jan Melega and Roberta Grosland, Joseph Schneider HausFood for thought : introducing students to food history / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/04
25550Ref - 15865Jane Malcolm-DaviesBorrowed robes : the educational value of costumed interpretation at historic sites / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/04
25551Ref - 15865Kim SorvigRe-locating history : landscape strategies for living history building collections / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/01
25552Ref - 15865Daniel B RiebelClassification systems and the size of registration systems / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/01
25553Ref - 15865Ron KleySo you think you own your collection? / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/01
25554Ref - 15865Candace Tangorra MatelicOrganisational change in history museums / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005M/01
25555Ref - 15865Susan McLellan PlaistedThe accomplisht cooks of Pennsbury - dedicated to sustaining the traditions of 17th century foodways / ALHFM Bulletin, 272005E/72
25556Ref - 15866Debra A ReidIs "Living History" enough? Branding and interpretive technique / ALHFM Bulletin, 35 : 22005M/01
25557Ref - 15867Beth LoeckeEvolution of standards of cleanliness and hygiene / ALHFM Bulletin, 35 : 32005M/04
25558Ref - 15868Kristy WatsonA tradition of making sausage with Clifton and Adela Frantzen / ALHFM Bulletin, 34 : 42005E/72
25559Ref - 15870Patrick MacGregorPublic programs at Thrall's Pharmacy and Botanical Specimen Gardens / ALHFM Bulletin, 35 : 42006E/73
25561Ref - 15871Marth Katz-HymanWhat is the Purpose of a Museum Collection Active Use or Careful Preservation / ALHFAM, XXXV : 12005M/03
25562Ref - 9377Mollie Lewis and Jayne SimpleA farm building survey in Plaxtol parish / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, 41983B/23
25564Ref - 9383M J Fuller and R J SpainWatermills of Kent and the Borders of Sussex / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, 111987B/24.2
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