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2500815574Robert MorrisClothes of the common man 1480-15802003E/74Morris
2500915575Robert MorrisHeadwear, footwear and trimmings of the common man and woman 1580-16602001E/74Morris
2501015576Andrew Cann illustratorAdvanced 17th Century SexE/72Cann,
25011Ref - 12503Ken TurnerCrook from England turns up in Australia / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 682000E/17.7
25012Ref - 12503E W ColleyKerfing saw or saw for kerfing? / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 682000E/17.7
25013Ref - 12502Jonathan Plumb16th century trestle / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000B/05.2
25014Ref - 12502Dick RaineHas anybody thought of it this way? / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000E/17.7
25015Ref - 12502V LittlewoodThe Fussells of Mells : the rise and fall of a dynasty of ironmasters / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000E/51
25016Ref - 12502Bill CharlesPlaying old 78 rpm recordings / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000E/71.3
25017Ref - 12502Tony StevensMy favourite artefact / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000E/17.38
25018Ref - 12502Mr Smith (via F J Harris)A Danube shepherd's leg crook / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 692000E/17.7
25019Ref - 12405Stephen TallentsThe art of the scythe / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 702000E/17.7
25021Ref - 12356Alan WharfeThe Eastbourne axe : NL70 / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 712000E/33.3
25022Ref - 12356Susanna WoodroffeNotes on paper conservation / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 712000E/64
25023Ref - 12356Vic and Jane NashNew Hall Water Mill, Sutton Coldfield / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 712000B/24.2
25024Ref - 12356Hentie Louw and Robert CrayfordInstruments of the trade : did the Varken ever exist in Britain? / TATHS Newsletter, Winter : 712000B/06.3
25025Ref - 12693Fred PaulThe joiner's rod / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 722001B/05.8
25026Ref - 12693Mark ReesAn adjustable dado plane by Mathieson / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 722001B/05.8
25027Ref - 12693Fred Paul, ex apprentice, Royal Dockyard, DevonportFiddles and Fireproofing / TATHS Newsletter, Spring : 722001B/05.2
25028Ref - 13017Mark ReesMathieson dado planes / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 732001B/07.6
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