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2411516574Terry S ReynoldsStronger than a hundred men : a history of the vertical waterwheel1983B/24.3Reynol
2411816075Guy BlythmanWatermills and windmills of Middlesex1966B/24.1Middle
2411916374Harry CarterWolvercote Mill : a study in paper-making at Oxford1974B/24.3Oxford
2412116071John HineThe tale of Pershore mill1991B/24.8Worces
2412216066John SomervellWater-power mills of south Westmoreland1930B/24.3Cumbri
2412316067Claude J W MessentThe old water mills of Norfolk1939B/24.3East A
2412616069David MacaulayMill1984B/24.3USA/Ma
2412716070B G LukerMills and watercourses of the Upper Axe : from Wookey Hole to Bleadney1991B/24.3Somers
2412816399Robert DesartLes Moulins a eau de Belgique du Hainaut et des Flandres1968B/24.3Belgiu
2413016395Noelle Renault et alMoulins du Morvan No.211990B/24.3France
2413121286Elmer L SmithGrist mills of early America and today1978B/24.1USA/Sm
2413216398Alain PeyronelMoulins bateaux1979B/24.3France
241347213Bernhard LinderVandmoller [water mills]?B/24.3Denmar
2413516424Bobbie KalmanThe gristmill1990B/24.3USA/Ka
2413716411D W GarberWaterwheels and millstones : a history of Ohio gristmills and milling1970B/24.3USA/Ga
2413816420A Harold CastonguayTwo men on a mill : the story of the restoration of Baxter's Mill1962B/24.9Caston
2413923327Jiri LangerMlynska dolina1983B/24.3Slovak
2414016393compiled by Joan StevensLe moulin de Quetivel, St. Peter, JerseyB/24.3Jersey
2414122243Edward P HamiltonThe village mill in early New England1964B/24.3USA/Ha
2414316194Louis H BlomThe Tjasker windmill1975B/24.2Blom,
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