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2310716580N Owen SimmonsCompound milling and associated subjects1955B/24.7Simmon
2310816592William HalliwellThe technics of flour milling1904B/24.71Halliw
2310916582Joseph LockwoodFlour milling1960B/24.71Lockwo
2311016584NJICThe practice of flour milling : Vol 11976B/24.71NJIC
2311116583NJICThe practice of flour milling : Vol 21977B/24.71NJIC
2311216578J F LockwoodProvender milling1945B/24.74Lockwo
2311423251William R VollerModern flour milling1989B/24.71Voller
2311516581Peter A KozminFlour milling1917B/24.71Kozmin
2311616595Jean OrsatelliLes moulins1979B/24.1Orsate
2311716515edited by The Danish Molinology LaboratoryThe International Molinological number index - Great Britain1977B/24.1Molino
2311816521Anders JespersenWhat has happened in Denmark since the second international symposium on molinology in 1969?1973B/24.1Denmar
2312116514MolinologicalTransactions of the 1st International Symposium of Molinology Portugal 1965 September1965B/24.1Molino
2312216516Editor: Anders JespersenTransactions of the 2nd International Symposium of Molinology. Danmark, May 19691971B/24.1Molino
2312316517M van HoogstratenTransactions of the 3rd international symposium of molinology. Netherlands, 1973 May 6-111973B/24.1Molino
2312416518International Molinological SocietyTransactions of the 4th international symposium of molinology. Matlock, England 1-8 September1977B/24.1Molino
2312516519MolinologicalTransactions of the 5th international symposium of molinology. France April 5-10 19821982B/24.1Molino
2312616511MolinologicalTransactions of the 6th International Symposium of Molinology in Gent, Belgium 14-20 July 19851986B/24.1Molino
2312716512MolinologicalTransactions of the 7th Symposium of the International Molinological Society August 19891994B/24.1Molino
2312816513MolinologicalTransactions of the 9th International Symposium of Molinology in the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary1997B/24.1Molino
2312916525compiled by Frank GregorySussex windmills A-CB/24.2Sussex
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