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2314916668Alfred H ShorterPaper making in the British Isles : an historical and geographical study1971E/33.54Shorte
2315016673Alfred H ShorterWater paper mills in England1966B/24.3Shorte
2315116671edited by Tim EversonSurrey history. Volume V No. 11994E/30Everso
2315321264SussexSussex Notes and Queries Vol X111 No. 81951E/61.0Sussex
2315416678John SweetmanMaking paper by hand : Wookey Hole Mill1982E/33.54Sweetm
2315516676Ivor WatersMounton Valley paper mills : Chepstow miscellany1958B/24.3Waters
2315616653The Faversham SocietyThe Chart Gunpowder Mills St. Ann's1967B/24.3Kent/C
2315716665Lord Wilson of High WrayA short history of the new Sedgwick Gunpowder Mills?B/24.3Cumbri
2315823389Glenys CrockerA guide to Chilworth gunpowder mills1985B/24.1Surrey
2315916650compiled by Glenys CrockerGunpowder mills gazetteer : black powder manufacturing sites in the British Isles1988B/24.1Crocke
2316016651Michael LampsonA history of Maresfield 'Powder Mills'?B/24.1Sussx/
2316116652Glenys CrockerThe Lowood Gunpowder Works : a short history1988B/24.3Cumbri
2316216667Glenys CrockerChilworth gunpowder1984B/24.1Surrey
2316316675E V Gatacre et alWookey Hole1980M/08Somers
2316416666F E PowellWindmills and wind motors : how to build and run them?B/24.2Powell
2316516654Glenys CrockerThe gunpowder industry1986B/24.3Crocke
2316816627C T KokkeDe Veluwse Papiermolen [The Veluwse paper mill]1961B/24.3Hollan
2317116670Jane Levis CarterThe paper makers : early Pennsylvanians and their water mills1982E/33.54Carter
2317816645Carter Litchfield et alThe Bethlehem oil mill 1745 -1934 : German technology in early Pennsylvania1984B/24.1USA/Be
2317916648J F LockwoodFlour milling1945B/24.1Lockwo
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