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1919415167George Sturt 'George Bourne'The wheelwright's shop1923E/33.23Sturt,
1919515170George Sturt 'George Bourne'The wheelwright's shop1923E/33.23Sturt,
1919615162H A CarnellLeather1950E/33.6Carnel
1919715227Stuart PeacheyThe book of boiled meats1580-1660. Volume 3 : beef, pork and game1999E/72.5Peache
1919815171Jocelyn BaileyCountry wheelwright1978E/33.2Bailey
1919915156E NobbsMake your own skep and revive a lost art1969E/17.35Nobbs,
1920015153Chris HowkinsTrees, herbs and charcoal-burners1994E/33.18Howkin
1920115155David Grant and Edward HartShepherds' crooks and walking sticks1978E/33.19Grant,
1920215226Stuart PeacheyThe book of fruit preserving 1580-1660 Volume 2 : peaches - strawberries1997E/72.5Peache
1920315160Lyn ArmstrongWoodcolliers and charcoal burning1978E/33.18Armstr
1920415161Marie Hartley and Joan IngilbyMaking cheese & butter1997E/72.5Hartle
1920515157Jacqueline FearnThatch and thatching1976B/05.62Fearn,
1920615158Ivan SparkesWoodland craftsmen1977E/33.1Sparke
1920715225Stuart PeacheyThe book of fruit preserving 1580-1660 Volume 1 : apples - oranges1997E/72.5Peache
1920815159Arthur IngramShepherding tools and customs1977E/17.33Ingram
1920915224Stuart PeacheyThe book of roasts 1580-16601995E/72.5Peache
1921015228Stuart PeacheyThe book of sausages 1580-16601997E/72.5Peache
1921115229Stuart PeacheyThe book of cheese 1580-16601993E/72.5Peache
1921215230Stuart PeacheyThe gourmets guide 1580-16601995E/72.5Peache
1921315231Stuart PeacheyThe book of bread 1580-16601996E/72.5Peache
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